Women take 12-14 minutes to orgasm. Check out this new study

According to a study, women in monogamous stable heterosexual relationships take around 12-14 minutes to reach sexual arousal.

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A study revealed that a usual female orgasm takes 12-14 minutes. The research also noted that 17 per cent of its participants had never experienced an orgasm. The study was conducted in 20 countries including India, UK and USA on sexually active women older than 18 years who were involved in monogamous heterosexual stable relationships.

A study conducted on sexually active women older than 18 years and involved in monogamous heterosexual stable relationships reported that the time to orgasm in such females was recorded around 12-14 minutes. The report studied sexually active women from 20 countries including India, the UK, USA and Netherlands.

The study excluded women who had been suffering from diabetes, hypertension, asthma, mental illness, sexual dysfunction and those with partners with sexual dysfunction.

The study reported that vaginal sex was not sufficient to facilitate orgasm among most women. However, with specific sexual positions, the participating women were able to get sexually aroused.

17% of the participants reported that they had never experienced an orgasm before.

Women and the Big O

Female orgasm is a complex phenomenon since women and their bodies remain as an under-explored discussion. It isn’t difficult to achieve a female orgasm if you’re doing it right. However, the patriarchal paradigms give more importance to male orgasm and pleasures while overlooking the needs and satisfaction of a female. Most men tend to ignore communication during the act which could make it a better experience for both of them.


Women fake orgasm in order to give their male partners a sense of achievement and satisfaction. Other times, they may take longer than 12-14 minutes to reach an orgasm because they are unable to understand what works for them. Perhaps, that is the reason why most women remain sexually unsatisfied which may in turn affect the relationship with their partners.

Moreover, the societal stigma about sex education has also left this discussion unexplored and most women tend to know least if not nothing about an orgasm. What may work for one woman may not work for others, neither can vaginal sex alone be enough to reach arousal for some women. Some women may need additional sexual activities, other than vaginal sex, to feel the pleasure. Yet, they have no way of knowing what they like or dislike during the act because they are refrained from exploring their sexualities right from childhood treating it as a taboo.

It is time that we leave this stigma behind and start educating women about their sexuality and the sexual rights they possess. It is very important to know what one likes or dislikes about their body in order to have a happy and satisfied sexual life. Exploring female sexuality shouldn’t be treated as a taboo anymore, rather women must be educated about how they can experiment with it in order to explore their sexualities in a safe manner.

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Sex is not about gender, it is about a connection and feeling and thus should be mutual. It is a sense of pleasure which both partners should experience together rather than faking their pleasure to satisfy the egoistic needs of the other. Communication is the key for knowing what works the two of you and what needs to be put off the charts.

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