Watch: Sheriff's Office Bids Farewell To Cancer-Fighting K9 Candy

Virginia Beach Sheriff's Office's K9 Candy, a dedicated and beloved member of their team, gave a touching farewell after a cancer diagnosis. The emotional walkout, attended by deputies and Candy's family, celebrates her decade of unwavering service.

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Final Walkout for Police K9

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In a poignant display of love and respect, the Virginia Beach Sheriff's Office bid a tearful farewell to one of its loyal K9 members, Candy.


The 11-year-old German Shepherd, who had dutifully served for a decade, received a heartwarming sendoff after being diagnosed with cancer last week. Candy's legacy as the first K9 in the Sheriff's Office, certified in detecting marijuana, is commemorated as the law enforcement community says their bittersweet goodbyes.

An Emotional Walkout

On a sombre Monday morning, deputies gathered along the corridors of the Virginia Beach Correctional Center to pay their respects as Candy embarked on her final journey. The German Shepherd, the very first narcotics-detection dog in the Virginia Beach Sheriff's Office, was set to retire this year. Her illness had progressed rapidly, prompting her early retirement.

Candy, a dedicated professional and a cherished member of the Sheriff's Office K9 unit was more than just a colleague; she was family. During the emotional walkout, she clutched her beloved tennis ball, a symbol of her unwavering dedication to her work. She was accompanied by her family—Master Deputy II Anthony “Tony” Natalzia, his wife, and their three children.


Natalzia, Candy's handler, was deeply touched by her unwavering loyalty.

He shares, "Candy was a true pro. She was the first VBSO K9, the OG. She loved to work; she lived for it. There is no doubt in my mind she stayed strong and continued to fight until she just could not anymore. The bond and trust we had was something I had never experienced before. Candy will be missed.”

Candy was not just the first K9 in the Virginia Beach Sheriff's Office; she was also the only one certified in detecting marijuana. Her specialized skills played a vital role in the safety and security of the Virginia Beach Correctional Center and the community.

While Candy's departure is indeed a heart-wrenching loss, the Virginia Beach Sheriff, Rocky Holcomb, expressed his gratitude for her dedicated service. He recognized Candy's contributions in making the correctional centre and the community safer. In the midst of this difficult farewell, the memory of Candy's unwavering service and her deep connection with the deputies she worked alongside will continue to resonate within the Virginia Beach Sheriff's Office.

Watch below as the Virginia Beach Sherrif's Office bids her a heartwarming farewell.

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