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Still Think Women Must Dress Their Age? Watch This TikTok Trend Shatter Stereotype

Turning My Mom Into Me Tik Tok Trend
Social media trends have a way of garnering attention, whatever the subject. When it involves families, the trend always tends to bring forward positivity and togetherness. This time around, a TikTok trend also brought change apart from entertainment.

In a world where women are constantly nagged and told to dress according to their age, a recent TikTok trend is changing how we see older women. The trend called ‘Turning My Mom Into Me’ has daughters dressing up their moms like themselves with a narrative that age is just a number indeed.

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Turning My Mom Into Me TikTok Trend

The Turning my mom into me Tiktok trend blew up the internet when it first came up on the platform. Several women across the United States took part in the entertaining trend and showcased their moms in the videos they shared on their personal social media pages.

In the video shown below, the daughters and moms are seen having a gala time dressing up and styling each other. The moms visibly look lovely and, more importantly, happy while walking down the corridors of their houses after dressing up like their daughters usually do.

The trend matters today more than ever because it surfaces the notion of freedom of choice for elderly women who are often told to resist wearing clothes citing reasons like “the trendy clothes are made for the younger generation.” This is untrue and further demeans the fundamental right of what a woman can wear.

This trend, therefore, serves as a significant reminder that women’s choice of how they want to dress up, irrespective of their age, is what matters the most. Every individual has the right to decide how they want to look and taking away that freedom from them is not just demotivating but also takes us back by decades.

How the trend is a fun mother-daughter activity

Another reason why this trend is gaining popularity is that it serves as a great bonding experience for mothers and daughters. One of the moms recently shared her experience with a publication in the US saying that while she tries to spend as much time she can with her daughter, sometimes work schedules can be a little tricky and not give them enough time, therefore, “this new trending activity served as a chance for them to bond and get entertained at the same time.”

For 23-year-old Nadine Bloch, her mom is her best friend. She told TODAY network how she jumped on the bandwagon the moment she heard about the trend. “I learned about the Turning My Mom Into Me TikTok Trend and that was it. In a single take each, I filmed two videos of my mom in two separate outfits. My mom is 54 and while dresses up how she likes, it was good to see her embrace new styles and actually like them on herself,” she said.