Why Sudha Murty's Bob Haircut Decision Became A Breaking News

"One day I cut my hair," Sudha Murty recalled "and it became breaking news." The decision to embrace a bob cut, a departure from traditional long hair, caused a stir among relatives and society at large, she said.

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In a brand new talk show hosted by Shaili Chopra titled The Rule Breaker Show, the spotlight shines on individuals who defy societal norms and carve their own paths. As the first guest on the show, Sudha Murty, the renowned philanthropist, author, and chairperson of the Infosys Foundation, shared her remarkable journey of breaking stereotypes and challenging conventions.


In a candid conversation, Sudha Murty recounted an incident that sparked national attention and controversy. She reminisced about the time when she decided to cut her hair short, a move that made headlines across the country. "One day I cut my hair," she recounted. "It became breaking news that Dr. Kulkarni’s daughter has bobbed her hair." The decision to embrace a bob cut, a departure from traditional long hair, caused a stir among relatives and society at large.

Sudha Murty Recalls Breaking Societal Norms with Bold Haircut Decision

Murty reflected on the backlash she faced from family members and acquaintances who expressed concern about the marriage prospects of her sisters. "Many people said, 'How will your sisters get married?' They were worried because they were the 'bobbed hair girl’s sisters,' which was not considered favourable," she revealed. However, Murty firmly stated, "For this reason, if somebody does not want to marry my sisters, both younger and elder, they are not worthy as grooms for my sisters only." 

Moreover, Murty remained resolute in her decision, asserting her individuality and autonomy. "I am an individual. I want to cut my hair. That’s all," she asserted.

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Her bold stance resonated with viewers, sparking discussions in the comment section about societal expectations, gender norms, and individual agency. 

Moreover, her revelation about the national news frenzy over her decision to cut her hair sheds light on the ongoing struggle for women to assert autonomy and challenge outdated conventions that dictate their choices. Why does society impose norms on the length of a woman's hair, rather than allowing her to make her own decisions? What perpetuates the tradition dictating that women must conform to certain standards, even regarding their personal appearance?   

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