Abuse, Triple Talaq Didn't Break Me, I Lived Again For Kids And Myself: Firdaus

A domestic abuse survivor, an independent working woman, and a wonderful mother, Firdaus shares her story of courage and what made her move out of a marriage that gave her nothing but years of trauma. 

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Firdaus was young and in love when she decided to marry the man she had been dating for almost a decade. While she was ready to embark on a journey of love and togetherness with him, what she faced post her wedding was something she never imagined in the widest of her dreams.

A domestic abuse survivor, an independent working woman, and a wonderful mother to two children, Firdaus shares her story of courage with SheThePeople and recalls what made her move out of a marriage that gave her nothing but years of trauma.

Firdaus's Story

“I married the man of my dreams after dating him for 8 years. Little did I know that the very same man and his family would turn out to be the worst nightmare that lasted a decade after my marriage. I was mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially abused. But I didn't give up and stood up against all odds for myself. I filed a domestic violence case because I knew my rights. I come from an educated family and his family was conservative. I was told to give up my career and initially, I agreed and quit my job. But soon he started abusing me financially.

Even after going through tough times, suffering in silence for years I constantly tried to make our marriage work just because how would I face the society?

A few months later, in 2013, I gave birth to our first daughter and 10 months later to our second daughter but the conflicts never ended. Motherhood is itself overwhelming for a woman and during that phase, I was sent back to my maternal home and without any prior intimation, my husband and his family decided to file for TALAQ.

From that moment, everything was taken care of by my family who always stood by me and became my strongest support system during years of turmoil in my marriage.


In 2016, I was beaten and my husband left the house only to return after 2 months with his brother to pronounce TRIPLE TALAQ. At this point, I was shattered and I couldn’t fathom what had happened. But I still survived it as my kids were too young and I couldn’t break down.

After 4 years, in 2020, I finally decided to put an end to everything, the toxicity, conflicts, and negativity. My children deserved a better life. I deserved peace. My family’s constant support and education helped me at every point of my journey. Fortunately, I got a job and was capable enough to take myself out of a dark place and live independently with my kids. They say, ‘With every hardship, there is ease, indeed!’

I’ve handled everything with a lot of patience as my father would always say, ‘patience is the best virtue’ and here I am living & raising my daughters to become way more courageous than their mother!”

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