Brides Should Cry At Bidai? Who Says So?

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Brides crying at weddings: Whenever a wedding arrives at an Indian household, we automatically begin to expect tears from the bride-to-be. As she is ready to leave her home and begin a new phase in life, should we not encourage her to start on a happy note rather than crying?

The custom of crying at weddings started long back as women were seen as ‘objects to be given away’. Ever since then, we have conditioned them into believing that weddings demand them to mourn and part with sobs. But should we carry on this mindset? Here are ways we can break these stereotypical customs!

Brides Should Cry At Wedding? Who Says So?

Brides Should Cry At Wedding? Who Says So? Whether women choose their own partners or pick an arranged marriage, why can’t we have her marry with a smile on her face than tears in her eyes.

For women, marriage should not mean going on a permanent leave from her home. She can choose to either stay back with her parents or visit them whenever she desires to. Oh yeah.

Brides Should Cry At Wedding? Who Says So?

If a woman is happy getting married, why should anyone have a problem with that? Departing with a smile might seem unconventional basis how long Indian brides have been expected to sob but the fact that the new age women are welcoming their new journey with happiness should be hailed.

So many customs have forced the bride to stay coy and sit while everyone else has the fun. Why can’t the bride have fun too?

Brides Should Cry At Wedding? Who Says So?

A Female Priest? Oh Yes!

Recently when Dia Mirza had a female priest at her wedding, a big debate broke out on social media. Traditionally at weddings, we have seen male priests considered the bearers of new beginnings. But why have we never thought of having a female priest? Mirza’s wedding made this image stay stuck in our head and ask ourselves, why not?

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Brides Should Cry At Wedding? Who Says So?, Brides Crying At Weddings? Why Is It Necessary.

Wear what you want!

I overheard my aunt saying how it’s so important for girls to be married in ‘red’ as per customs. But looking at this image below, not only should women experiment with colours but simply wear what they want! This bride wore a pant suit with a duppatta and we love it.

Give Up the ‘Paraya Dhan’ Term.

For long, we have taught them that they are paraya dhan but it’s time to change our perspective. Women are no longer waiting for men to marry them and “bear their responsibility”. Today when a woman decides to get married, she knows she is still an individual as much worthy of respect as her partner. So if you find brides smiling through the wedding rituals, don’t judge them for being someone who is free minded and aware of their rights.

india wedding rituals, Brides Crying At Weddings? Why Is It Necessary.

Shoutout to all unconventional brides

A Kolkata-based bride, Sneha Singhi recently made it to the news for her non traditional approach towards bidaaiIt is a custom where women are expected to leave their home and parents behind without turning back. But she decided to shatter the stereotypes by choosing to drive her husband home with a smile on her face. In a video that went viral, we see her grinning at her family members and waving at them as she leaves for her new abode. Click here to read more.

This is just one of the many examples of brides who chose to break free from the patriarchal boundaries which force them into believing that they must weep as they bid goodbye to their families. Marriage is another milestone in a woman’s life but just as important as many others.


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