US: Woman Shoots Five People After Being Denied Entry Into A Bar

In recent news, an American woman who was denied entry into a bar in Denver, Colorado, shot five people outside the bar. This incident again raises questions about the rise in gun violence in America.

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In a recent episode of gun violence in the US, an American woman, after being denied entry into a bar, shot five people outside the bar on September 16,  The New York Post reported. 


The incident took place outside singer Dierks Bentley's Whiskey Row bar in Denver, Colorado, USA. 

The Shooting

According to Denver Public Safety, the female suspect, upon attempting to enter the bar, was treated with suspicion by its security personnel due to the latter's assumption that she may have been using someone else's ID to enter. She then left the queue, brought out her gun, and began firing towards the country music club at around 11:15 pm

Upon hearing the gunshots, the people waiting to enter the bar in the queue panicked and began to scream and run. The authorities believe that the suspect did not intend to shoot her victims, with the incident taking place very quickly. Madison Sharnowski, an eyewitness of the incident who was in the queue outside the bar, told Denver7, the local Denver news channel, that it all happened very fast, stating that "at that moment, it's like fight or flight response." 

Gun Violence in America

While most of the injuries sustained by those who were shot were non-fatal, this wasn't the first time innocent bystanders were subjected to gun violence. In recent years, gun violence in America has skyrocketed. Earlier this year, a six-year-old boy shot his teacher in the US, and in May, an Indian-American woman was shot dead by her spouse. 


America's history with gun violence has especially hurt its younger generation, with school shootings tragically denying many members of Gen Z and Generation Alpha their futures. In the case of the Denver woman, while no one was seriously injured, the incident highlights the disturbing nature of the relationship America has with guns and the way it affects its civilians. 

The unidentified Denver woman escaped shortly after shooting 5 people, and the police are yet to make any arrests. Denver police have released a picture of the shooter and are offering a money prize of $2000 to anyone who has any information that can help lead to her arrest. 

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