It's A Sign: Sick Of Dating Apps, NY Woman Seeks Partner Differently

In a featured trend on Instagram, 29-year-old Karolina Geits took to the streets of New York to find her 'true love' in an unconventional way- by holding up a cardboard board with the words "looking for a husband", along with her Instagram ID.

Uma Bakshi
Sep 14, 2023 13:51 IST
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Image credits belong to @karolinageits on Instagram

We all know of the random man holding up the cardboard sign- but have you heard of the woman holding up the 'looking for a husband sign'? In a viral Instagram trend, user @karolinageits has been  walking the streets of New York City with a cardboard sign that states 'Looking For A Husband', to find exactly that.

Karolina Geits, the 29-year-old Fashion Nova ambassador, has brought back the viral Internet meme, 'Man With A Sign', but has put her own twist to it in her reels. 

Person With A Sign Meme

One of the first examples of the 'person with a sign' meme going viral can be traced back to Instagram user @dudewithasign. Seth, aka @dudewithasign, became internet-famous because of his meme series of him standing in various parts of New York City with a sign highlighting things that happen to us daily in a funny, whimsical way. 


Following Seth, many other people added to the 'person with a sign' meme. The idea was simple- write something funny and realistic on a cardboard sign with a black marker, find a good spot in the city you live in to stand, and voila! You've now become an internet meme


In the case of Karolina Geits, she took it one step further- she took her sign with her. Walking around the streets of New York with her 'looking for a husband' sign, her reels went viral instantly. Many  women found her reels relatable, with each reel of her with her cardboard sign getting more engagement by the day. Her signs weren't limited to the 'looking for a husband' one- she made signs for her search for a sugar daddy, and hilariously, her need for money for a birkin bag. 


Love At First Sign?

In an interview with The New York Post, Geits revealed that after having wasted so much time looking for romance in the conventional way, through dating apps and other avenues, she decided to opt for a more unconventional approach to find love“I decided to make a sign that says ‘Looking for a husband’ and walk around the city to see if that would work,” Geits told The Post. 


“I believe that if I make an actual sign for anything I want — a husband, a Birkin, Chanel, the universe will see it and send me exactly what I want," Geits said

Her strategy might have worked! In the same interview with The New York Post, she revealed that the man who quite literally swept her off her feet in her last 'looking for a husband' reel might have done so metaphorically too- the pair have been in touch since.

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