'Cover Up': Did US Airline Threaten 'Braless' Passenger To Deboard?

A US woman alleged that Delta Airlines threatened to remove her from the flight because she was not wearing a bra. She claimed that after "every single person" had taken their seat on the flight, she was "loudly" summoned to the front of the plane.

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delta airlines allegedly threatens women to get off flight for not wearing bra

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A woman took to social media to share her humiliating experience on a flight to San Francisco when she was asked to 'cover-up' or deboard before taking off. Lisa Archbold was on a Delta Airlines flight in January when the crew allegedly ushered her to the front of the plane and reprimanded for being braless under her baggy t-shirt. Posting the ordeal to Yahoo, Archbold claimed that after "every single person" had boarded, she was "loudly" told that her outfit was "revealing" and "offensive".


Archbold wrote in the post that she told one of the male staff about how she was humiliated and discriminated against on the flight, to which he replied that it was their policy. Since the woman's post was widely shared, Delta Airlines has come under fire for the staff's inappropriate handling of the situation.

Woman Alleges Humilation By Airline Staff

Lisa Archbold wrote on Yahoo that she was on the way home from Utah's Sundance Film Festival when she experienced discrimination on the flight. She said that after boarding, a female crew loudly summoned her to the front of the plane and reprimanded her for her outfit.

Archbold said that she was wearing a coat which she had taken off before boarding the flight. "I looked like a girl who didn't care about being dressed like one," she wrote on Yahoo. She continued that the crew called her outfit "offensive" and threatened to kick her out of the plane if she refused to put the jacket back on. 

She wrote, "Keep in mind this flight was an hour and a half long so I was not going to be out of my seat again. So whatever offence she was pretending was happening from my nipples, she had just created that offence again, so it wasn't logical - it was humiliation."

While exiting the aircraft, Archbold spoke to another Delta staff about the humiliating ordeal. "He replied verbatim, 'Our official policy on Delta Airlines is that women must cover-up.' It's pretty gross," she said. Archbold wrote on Yahoo that her appearance gives off that she is queer, which she believes is the reason she was discriminated against.

Delta Airlines has issued an apology for the mistreatment. However, Archbold said they "stopped short of admitting any wrongdoing". She continued, "I don't need miles or an apology, I need Delta to be interested in the safety of their passengers. The dress code is extremely subjective. Subjective policies are easy vessels of abuse. They are easy to shift. Let's make everyone more safe."

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