Watch: Bebe Rexha Removes Audience Member Mid-Concert. Here's Why

It's no flowers, but rocks and sex toys these days at the concerts. A recent spate of artists being hit by projectiles by concertgoers raises concerns about extreme fan culture.

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Ever since I was little, I loved watching music concerts, but the most joyful part is watching your favourite artist completely immersed in their performance, enjoying themselves. Especially when I think about English singers like Dua Lipa, Taylor Swift and Doja Cat I love these women's confidence and how much they love performing on stage no matter how different their music and personalities are, their confidence is empowering to us all, isn't it?


And what empowers these artists is our love, right? But some fans seem to have crossed limits. Many recent incidents showcased objects being chucked at an artist amidst an ongoing concert.

During her stage performance, Bebe Rexha encountered a disruption when an audience member threw an object at her, as seen in a video shared on social media by Pop Base. The incident visibly angered the singer, who promptly identified and ejected the person from the concert.

In the footage posted on the microblogging platform, the singer of "I'm Good" addressed the audience sternly, stating, "If you throw something at me on stage, I will hold you accountable for everything you've done. Don't mess with me right now. Out, get out." The crowd responded supportively, cheering Rexha on for her decisive action.

Adele has also spoken out against the recent spate of people throwing objects at musicians on stage, telling her audience she would “kill you” if they tried. The British singer was filmed holding a T-shirt gun as she spoke to the audience at Caesars Palace, where she is performing her Las Vegas residency Weekends With Adele.


“Have you noticed how people are like, forgetting show etiquette at the moment? People just throwing shit on stage, have you seen them?” she said. “I f**k*ng dare you. Dare you to throw something at me and I’ll f**k*ng kill you.”

Most recently, Lil Nas X seemed amused when a sex toy landed on stage while he was performing in Sweden on Saturday.

With fame comes extreme fandom and even extreme hate, but is this justifiable? 

From Bebe Rexha To Ava Max, Here Are Some Concert Misconducts:

Fans sometimes take a step too far to express their love or project their hate on artists. And there have been many such incidents when fans either feel entitled or forget that these public figures are not public property which is concerning.

Previously, Bebe Rexha, while performing on stage, was assaulted by a man when he threw his phone at the singer. The singer later took to Instagram to inform her fans, "I'm good. I am fine," posted the close-up injuries of her eye injury and three stitches.


A similar incident happened with singer Kelsea Ballerini who was performing in Idaho when she was hit by an object in her eye. The singer described that she went off stage to calm herself down and make sure everyone in the crew is fine as well. She later took it to her Instagram stories to describe that she was shocked rather than hurt by a bracelet that hit her in the eye describing "We all have triggers and layers of fears way deeper than what is shown." 

A day later from Bebe Rexha's phone-hitting fiasco, Ava Max was hit in the face by a man. At her Los Angeles concert, a man trespassed from the audience and smacked Ava's face so hard that singer got inside of her eye scratched due to the attack. While Ava appeared to be calm on stage she was later furious and took it to her Twitter by saying that man is never going to come to her show ever again. 

Singer Pink was left stunned after a fan threw her mother's ashes on stage at a recent London show. The 42-year-old singer was performing at the British Summer Time festival in London's Hyde Park when the singer picked up a white powder that was lying on the stage.  This is not just disrespectful to the artist but also to the dead.

In a video, the artist can be seen carrying that bag away asking the crowd "Is this your mom? I don't know how I feel about this." 

Well, this is a sign of a lack of empathy and understanding of the personal space of an individual. Also, what gives fans an entitlement to inflict their personal emotions on artists? This kind of fandom is extremely concerning.


Everyone deserves to feel safe, and these actions seem to be not just harming the privacy of an individual but instilling a sense of fear. 

Fans seem to be crossing their boundaries with whatsoever intent like attention, virality, hate, or just excessive fandom. No reason and no matter the intent, this is a disregard for the artists that they don't deserve. Remember that they are at work, and they are humans too. No one deserves that kind of disrespect or fear especially when they have not harmed you but performing for you.

It's not funny, it's not cool, it is just inhuman that needs to be stopped by maintaining a sense of humanness in the perspective of how we see celebrities. 

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