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Aurora’s 9-Year-Old Awarded Mayor’s Award Of Excellency, Know Why

Colorado Girl Awarded For Saving Mother
A 9-year-old girl from Aurora, Colorado, has been recognised for her courage and presence of mind in saving her mother’s life by making a 911 call at the right moment.

The girl, identified as Aria Lamen, was doing her homework on February 2 when her mother suddenly had a medical emergency. Aria immediately called 911, and her timely call helped save her mother’s life.

Colorado Girl Awarded For Saving Mother

Her mother, Caron Lamen, said, “It’s so amazing for her to have remained calm and done something like that. I’m extremely proud of her. If not for her courage and calmness, I wouldn’t be here today.” Caron Lamen had to stay at the hospital and rehab for 16 days before returning home. Aria Lamen said that she was extremely worried for her mother.

The 911 dispatcher for the day was Tracie Whalen. She praised Aria’s timely act. “She did better than most adults that I have spoken to.”

Aria Lamen has been bestowed with the mayor’s award of excellence for her bravery. The family has planned to hang the award in the living room, where the medical emergency happened.

Four-Year-Old Awarded For Saving Mother

A four-year-old boy from Minnesota’s Sherburne County was awarded the Life Saving Award by the Country Sheriff Authorities in February. The boy, Asher Milless, had immediately called his grandmother after his mother, Rachel Milless, collapsed in the kitchen in November 2022.

The grandmother had called the boy’s father, who was out of town and had called 911, and told Asher to unlock the front door and let the paramedics in.

Before the paramedics reached the residence, the four-year-old had cleared the kitchen for the paramedics to work. He had also moved his two younger siblings, ages 2 and 10 months, out of the kitchen so that they wouldn’t see their mother in that condition. According to paramedics, Rachel Milless had gone into septic shock and wouldn’t likely be alive if it weren’t for Asher.

Toddler Saves Mother By Calling Ambulance

In September last year, a four-year-old boy from Australia’s Tasmani saved his mother’s life by calling the ambulance after witnessing her fall unconscious.

Monty, the toddler, was taught to dial the emergency number just a day before the event. On seeing his mother have a seizure and collapse at their home, he immediately put to use his newly acquired skill and saved his mother Wendy’s life.

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