Mom Fighting Cancer Announces Her Own Death: 'If You Are Reading This..'

Casey McIntyre, a 38-year-old Brooklyn mother, bravely shared the news of her death while battling ovarian cancer in a heartfelt social media post with the world.

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Casey McIntyre, a Brooklyn mom, shared her battle with ovarian cancer and, heartbreakingly, announced her own passing at the age of 38 on social media. Her Instagram post, a heartbreaking chronicle of her battle with the disease, not only revealed the depth of her love for family and friends but also left an indelible mark on the digital space that echoed both courage and vulnerability.


Casey faced the recurrence of stage four ovarian cancer with unparalleled courage. Through a poignant Instagram post, she announced her own death, expressing gratitude for the five months of home hospice spent with loved ones in Virginia, Rhode Island, and New York. Her words resonated with a depth of emotion, conveying her love for each person in her life.

 "I loved each and every one of you with my whole heart, and I promise you, I knew how deeply I was loved," she wrote.

Personal Touch: Gregory's Reflections

In a touching editor's note, Gregory, Casey's husband, shared intimate details of what Casey held dear. From her cherished daughter Grace to a love for whales, ice cream, and the beach, the note painted a vivid picture of Casey's passions.


Gregory's words resonated with the profound loss felt by those who were fortunate enough to share their lives with her, "Oh Casey!!!! I don’t know how we will do it without you, but we will."

Early Life and Career

Born on February 1, 1985, in Upper Manhattan, McIntyre's journey led her to become a key figure in the literary world. Raised in Tenafly, New Jersey, she pursued her education at Agnes Scott College in Georgia. In 2015, she married Andrew Gregory, and together they faced the challenges of ovarian cancer while celebrating the birth of their daughter, Grace, in April 2022.

The Brave Battle Against Ovarian Cancer

McIntyre's battle with ovarian cancer began in 2019 during in vitro fertilization treatment. She underwent a major surgery in January 2020, displaying extraordinary resilience. Despite the daunting journey, she remained hopeful, acknowledging the strength of women facing adversity. This spirit resonated with many, creating a sense of solidarity among those who shared similar struggles.

Legacy in Publishing


As a publisher, McIntyre found joy in bringing books to a new generation of readers. Her obituary beautifully captures her vision, describing how she saw herself in every child engrossed in their latest book obsession. This legacy lives on in the countless stories she helped share with the world. Her obituary  beautifully captured her sentiments, stating, "She saw herself in every child sprawled out on a couch, rug, or bunk bed, engrossed in their latest book obsession."

McIntyre's family fondly remembers her as an "inveterate New Yorker," always ready with advice on bodegas, celebrity spotting, and practical New York warmth. Her greatest gifts included a generous wit, an infectious laugh, unwavering devotion to family and friends, and unparalleled determination.

A Life Celebrated

As friends and family mourn Casey McIntyre's passing, a memorial service is scheduled for December 2 at the Prospect Park Boathouse. In a touching tribute, mourners are invited to celebrate her life by anonymously purchasing and forgiving medical debt through the charity RIP Medical Debt. The response, with over $44,000 raised, reflects the impact McIntyre had on those around her.

Casey McIntyre's journey may have been cut short, but her legacy as a literary visionary, loving wife, mother and cherished friend will continue to inspire for years to come as a remarkable woman whose influence reached far beyond the pages of the books she helped bring to life.

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