Why Women Always Downplay Their Health Issues

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While our moms take extreme care of our health, they hardly pay attention to their own health needs. When managing a professional, personal and social life, women often are too busy to take out time for themselves. A large number of women avoid going to a doctor as they are either too shy, ignorant or scared of medical checkups.

According to a research by Ovarian Cancer Action, more than a quarter of women said they prioritised work over making an appointment with their doctor and more than a third said that looking after their family came before anything else. A further 14% said that spending time with their partner was more important than seeking medical help. These facts are astonishing.

SheThePeople.TV asked its readers why they think women ignore their health. This is what they said…

Women don’t prioritize their health

Yamini Bhalerao, an author, said, “We are conditioned to put ourselves last. Which means everything else is a priority, but not us. Ladies, here’s the bitter truth: no one will care about you if you don’t in the first place”. While trying to be the best caretakers for their families, women overlook their well-being, and in their to-do list, personal health ranks really low.


Often, it has been reported that women hesitate to consult doctors. The fear of being diagnosed with a chronic disease keeps them from getting themselves checked. But, in the long run, not treating a disease in the initial stages deteriorates the condition. Furthermore, women in remote areas are shy to go to male doctors because of personal biases.

Busy Schedules

Another reader pointed “Because we [women] tend to shake off our aches and ailments when it comes in the way of our responsibilities”. Their endless responsibilities keep them too busy. This sounds strange, but many women find they are too busy to look after themselves.

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Women don’t want to spend on themselves

NGO worker, Rekha said, “Whenever we have a feeling of falling sick, we immediately take medicine to be ready for tomorrow. If this sickness continues for days only then we think of going to the doctor to spend some money on us, even the most independent females avoid going for health checkups”.

Women save for the future but don’t secure it by spending on regular health checkups. That dress or that toy for your kid might wait, but remember, your health won’t!

What Can be Done

Maybe you are running too late for work or you are busy with college projects or your kid doesn’t leave you with much time to look after yourself, but try to not ignore the following signs that might indicate something is wrong with your body:

  1. Bloated belly
  2. Pimples
  3. Lower back and leg pain
  4. Blood clots in your period
  5. Food choice changes
  6. Pain while working out
  7. Hair fall
  8. Feeling always too hot or too cold

Exercise regularly, eat healthily and have a proper sleep schedule. Ladies, your health is in your hands, try not to let it slip away!

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Saavriti is an intern with SheThePeople.TV