Death-defying picture of a Russian model hanging from a Dubai building goes viral

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Hanging from the top of a building to defy gravity and guts? Well a picture that's giving goose bumps to many is that of a Russian model hanging from the top of a building in Dubai. The image has gone viral for it's not one you would ignore. Insta-celebrity Viki Odintcova has been criticised for doing this but others have just shown awe for her bravado. The Cayan Tower, where the picture is shot is 1000 feet tall and has over 70 floors.


This picture posted on Instagram on Dec 29 has hit over 1 lakh likes. Viki Odinctova who has 3.2million followers is a model by profession and goes around places as a travel blogger. This famous shot that she pulled off was shot at the terrace of Cayan Tower in Dubai.

Viki Odintcova Viki Odintcova's death-defying picture

The picture shows that Odinctova did not use any harness for safety and dangled with the help of her filmmaker Alexander Tikhomirov who held on to her hand. This was meant to be one of the pictures in her Dubai video shoot and photoshoot.

But as criticism started pouring in, Odinctova shared more pictures and two videos to show how the setup was done and how she was able to perform the stunt.

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The first video that she shared right after sharing the picture has about a million views and a little less than 60 thousand likes. While the second video, shared about two weeks ago, that shows the snippets of her Dubai trip has got around 459,107 views and 54,009 likes on it.


Viki Odintcova Viki Odintcova shared this video

This is not the first stunt the model has performed from the heights; she has also shared a video of her bungee jumping from a higher altitude. But of course that was done with harness around her body saving her from any injury.

The reactions on her unnerving and most dangerous pose go from “Glorifying potential self-injury to your audience for a photo ? Really?,” commented by mujerconclase to “One And only best modelling act i have ever seen. You won million hearts and I joined Instagram just to follow you .. you are truly amazing,” commented by appsjit.

Though this could have taken the model’s life, but its success proved what humankind is capable off. However, it is dangerous to put such stuff out there as it might just be encouraging for others to do it too and that could get dangerous and result in loss of lives.

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