Woman Quits New Job After Boss Called Her 'Argumentative'

“I started work for a company on Monday. Wednesday, the boss called me in to chew me out … and it led to me quitting," a woman took to Reddit to share why she quit her new job in just three days of joining.

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A woman took to Reddit to share why she quit her new job in just three days of joining. She explained her entire experience in a post as to why she quit her job and also asked netizens if she overreacted.

She shared that she began working for a company on Monday, and on Wednesday, her boss called and chewed her out, which led to her quitting the job. She asked for some insights from readers about whether they thought what she did was justified or if she overreacted.

Woman Quits Her Job In 3 Days

She went on to explain how she felt when her boss scolded her for failing to do her work, spending more than 10 minutes in the bathroom, and not disclosing that she had faced mental health issues in the past.

She claimed that her boss never assigned her any work, and it was only her colleague and mentor who assigned her work, which she was doing. She explained that she was in the bathroom for a longer time as she was suffering from constipation, and he had said that she should have mentioned the issue to him earlier during the interview. He had also asked her if she had any mental health conditions and she had hesitantly disclosed that she was prescribed antidepressants in the past. 

The boss had further accused her of being argumentative and told her that he was giving her a day to decide if she wanted to work there or not. She replied that she didn’t need a day to think about it and resigned effective immediately.

She also shared that her father wasn’t happy about her quitting the job and had said she "should have toughed it out." She urged the netizens to share their opinions as to whether they thought she did the right thing by quitting or if she should have stayed.


The post has accumulated over 11,000 upvotes, and the number is fast increasing. Hundreds of people commented on the post.

One Reddit user told her they thought she should take legal action against the employer because it was illegal to ask about one’s mental health issues. Another user wrote that she did the right thing because if she was treated this way as a newbie, she would be manipulated into working harder over time. A third user called the workplace environment toxic and told her she made the right call.

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Reddit Woman Quits Her Job