Australian Woman Arrested By Victoria Police While Celebrating Her 100th Birthday

Woman Arrested On 100th Birthday
An Australian woman was arrested by the police on her 100th birthday because it was on her bucket list. The police interrupted the 100th birthday party and detained her, fulfilling her wish.

Jean Bickenton worked as an army nurse during World War II and had a long-awaited of being arrested by the police. After decades of service and good behaviour, Bickenton wanted to get into some trouble and wished to be arrested by the police at least once.

Her bucket list item was crossed off the list on her birthday after three police constables from the Victoria police department visited the Narracan Gardens Residential Aged Care and arrested her.

Woman Arrested On 100th Birthday

The 100-year-old woman was handcuffed in a mock arrest and was wheeled out to the police car parked outside. Bickenton told Daily Mail Australia, “I have never been arrested in my life. I said to them I’ve never been drunk and I’ve never been arrested, never lost my driving licence and never had an infringement.”

The Victoria Police shared images of the constables with the recently arrested Bickenton on social media. The caption read, “Now these kinda arrests, we’re happy to make.” They added that getting arrested was on Bickenton’s bucket list and after they heard about her wishes, the team at Moe station was “ready to step in and help check it off.”

The constables “whirled in, lights and sirens, to make sure Jean’s birthday wishes were met”. The officers briefed the other residents of the event before they “gently placed” handcuffs on Bickenton and declared that she was officially under arrest. Bickenton obliged with the request of the constables and showed little restraint as she was wheeled out to the police car.

The Victoria Police shared that Jean Bickenton described her birthday as one of the best celebrations and wished her a wonderful birthday.

Bickenton said she was surprised that the handcuffs placed around her wrists were soft and added they were “too big” for her anyway.

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