86-Year-Old Woman Shares Lottery Prize Money With Cashier Who Sold Her The Ticket

Marion had told the cashier that if she wins the lottery, she will take care of him.

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Old woman shared lottery prize with cashier
In a rare act of kindness, an 86-year-old woman named Marion was seen sharing her lottery prize money with the store cashier who sold her the ticket.

The viral video shared by an Instagram page named Good New Moment showed the old woman entering a convenience store with star-shaped balloons in her hands. As she reached the cash counter, she took out an envelope and handed it over to the cashier. The video was taken by her granddaughter Heidi Forrest who wrote the text on the video, "This is my grandma. She won $300 from the lottery the other day and this is what she did."

As per the Instagram page, Marion had visited the local convenience store earlier this week when the store cashier encouraged her to buy a lottery ticket which with the big win of $500,000. Marion told the cashier that if she wins the lottery, she will take care of him. She kept her word and visited the store again when she won $300 and split the prize money with the cashier. The cashier was seen emotional as Marion hugged after handing over the envelope with half her prize money. The envelope had the cashier's name Walter Won written on it.

"He is the sweetest guy in the world," Marion said as she hugged Walter.

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The heartwarming video has been viewed by more than four million people on the social media site. The comment section of the video was flooded with wholesome messages from the netizens. They praised the old lady for her generosity and kindness. A user wrote, "A third user commented, "Sooo precious. This the best of what we can be as humans!" and another added, "She is the sweetest for thinking of him and thanking him too."

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