Indian Forest Service Officer Warns Followers Of Scam Messages

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An Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer shared a screenshot of a scam message to warn his followers about cybercrimes. The text message said his resume had been reviewed by a company and had a WhatsApp link attached.

The IFS officer Parveen Kaswan took to Twitter and posted a screenshot of a scam message which read, “Your resume is reviewed in our company and the salary is 9700 RS.” The message had a WhatsApp link attached to it. The officer quipped that he “Finally got the job offer. Now confused what to do.”

IFS Officer Warns Of Scam Messages

The IFS officer then warned his followers about fraudulent and scam messages that people receive via texts or emails. He wrote, “Dear friends these days many fraudulent people or agencies keep sending these kind of SMS and Emails.”

Kaswan asked his followers to “be safe” and gave them advice to ensure they don’t get scammed via such messages. He wrote, “Don’t react or click on the links. It can lead to data theft, hacking or financial fraud”.

Twitter users shared their experience with receiving fraudulent messages and being scammed. One asked Kaswan to “apply and catch the culprits behind this scam.” The user added, “They are looting many youths by hacking their mobiles and taking access to the bank apps. Recently I have reported similar scam to cybercrime”.

Other users shared screenshots of fraudulent messages they received. One wrote, “Even I am also confused, I thought only I get such messages”. The user shared a screenshot of a fraudulent message that was supposedly from Amazon. The message claimed that the person was selected for a work-from-home job at the company and had a link attached at the end.

Another user shared a screenshot of receiving the same exact fake job offer with a salary of 9,700 rupees with a WhatsApp link attached to it.

In another fraudulent message, a user shared a similar message with the same text but it did not have a WhatsApp link attached at the end. The message had another link attached instead.

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