India Is The Ninth Most Dangerous Country For Solo Women Travellers

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India has been labelled as the 9th most dangerous country when it comes to women solo travellers. A global index named Women’s Danger Index includes a set of observations for various countries. On the basis of this, India has been placed at the ninth position, when it comes to the safety of the solo women travellers. South Africa has been recognised as the most dangerous for the case considered.

The index placed various countries at various levels on the basis of eight crucial factors, which are:

  • Safe to walk alone at night
  • Intentional homicide of women
  • Non partner sexual violence
  • Intimate partner violence
  • Legal discrimination
  • Global gender gap
  • Gender inequality
  • Violence against women

The study of these factors in various countries was conducted by two travel bloggers, Asher and Lyric Fergusson. The two travel bloggers found South Africa as the most dangerous for solo women travellers. They found it the worst at violence against women, homicides and how safe a woman feels as she walks on the road, especially at the night. They marked Thailand as the worst in the South-east, which they said is popular with backpackers, but also the worst for attitude towards violence against women.

India has been placed at the ninth position, when it comes to the safety of the solo women travellers. South Africa has been recognized as the most dangerous for the case considered.

In the west, America was labelled as the worst, especially for its homicide rates, non-partner sexual violence and intimate partner violence. Also, the countries like the United Arab Emirates and Iran ranked at the top spots for their discrimination against women. So basically, no country is safe for women. According to the SDG Gender Index 2019, a whopping 2.8 billion women and girls live in countries that are not doing well to improve their quality of life.

Another survey conducted in April had labelled Australia as the safest country for women. New World Wealth is a global market research group based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Their researches cover 90 countries and 150 cities worldwide. The women safety index is a part of its Global Wealth Migration Review 2019.

In many of the countries of Middle-east and North-Africa, women get arrested for filing cases against sexual harassment. Women are sometimes arrested for adultery or sex outside marriage if they report rape. This often keeps them from filing complaints and hence the statistics available regarding crimes like harassment etc. aren’t much reliable. There are around 40 countries whose statistics on crime against women are unreliable. In countries where reliable crime data is available, like USA and Australia, for every one rape case reported, three of them go unreported. However, in the countries where women are arrested for filing a case against rape, more than 100 cases go unreported for one that is reported. The report finds it surprising that the International media hasn’t paid any attention to the countries where women can literally, be arrested for filing a complaint about facing sexual misconduct.

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