Bengaluru Tech Summit puts the spotlight on women

Women In Tech In India by Entrepreneur.com

India has many women in technology but the pipeline in technology leadership leaves a lot of room for improvement. Numbers, such as the ones below, suggest a story that needs strengthening – for we have had a lot of women entering the work force both in tech and science but the pyramid gets narrow at the top. There is a drop off as women progress in their careers and that’s a significant drop off. Just why is that? How can we fix it? Beyond that is another emerging idea – just how can women returning to careers get involved in tech sector with solutions that can be delivered by working from home? Some of these key subjects will be in focus at the Bengaluru Tech Summit.

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Women are the center of technology today. They are not only leading product teams, many of them are leading organizations that are shaping the future and giving direction to what promises to be the New Age companies. Female talent in technology deserves special spotlight for we have a long way in fixing the gender gaps in STEM. In order to recognize the same, the Bangalore technology summit is organizing She Drives Tech as part of the 3 -Day spotlight and focus on biotech and tech. Come join us, discuss, connect and grow.

The Dept. of IT & BT, Government of Karnataka is co-locating its flagship events 20th edition of Bengaluru ITE.biz and the 17th edition of Bengaluru India Bio under one umbrella event BENGALURU TECH SUMMIT with the focal theme ‘Ideate, Innovate, Invent’. The Summit will bring together Thought leaders, Technocrats, Researchers, Innovators, Investors, and Policy Makers from different streams paving the way for interdisciplinary dialogue and collaborations leading to the emergence of disruptive technologies, path-breaking products, and unique services.

To discuss just how the tech sector could transform opportunities for women, both active career seekers and those coming back to work, She Leads Tech will be a core discussion at the Bengaluru Tech Summit this year. The Minister for IT and BT, Priyank Kharge is taking enormous interest in putting the focus on women and ensuring they get a platform for suggesting solutions to economic empowerment and job opportunities.

Numbers Need To Be Changed

Reports like one in qz.com shows that about 50% of women in India drop out of the corporate employment between junior and mid-levels. This compares poorly with the average of 29% across Asia.

If about 30 per cent of India’s tech workforce is made of women, only a third of that actually makes it to managerial or higher roles.

Convergence Watch

The future of business worldwide is about convergence. Industry 4.0 anticipates the convergence of physical, chemical, digital and biological worlds which will impact every Industry & Society. Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka state has been a leader in technology fields and the event is one of the first of its kind worldwide confluence of thought leaders, decision and policy makers in the field of technology to elevate Bengaluru as Global leader in the converged world.

Biotech Thought Leaders Conclave

Biotech Thought Leaders Conclave at the Bengaluru Tech Summit, scheduled on 17th November, 2017 between 6:30 pm to 7.30 pm at Bengaluru Palace, Bengaluru. The Conclave aims to discuss the role of biotechnology in bringing transformative change in sectors such as, health, food, energy, and agriculture and celebrate the women achievers’ in the biotechnology sector. This will be moderated by award winning journalist Shaili Chopra, the founder of SheThePeople.

The government of Karnataka has made special efforts to put the spotlight on women entrepreneurship. They have a special fund for women, a demarcated tech park for women entrepreneurs to set up businesses and offices and recently conducted a women’s summit as part of their flagship startup program called Elevate100.