Elevate 100: Be passionate, but Emotionally Detached, says Bhavish Aggarwal

Elevate 100

With the startup ecosystem taking over the entrepreneurial boom it is not a space to hide from anymore. Millennials are approaching towards that road thanks to initiatives like Elevate 100: Women in Innovation Summit by Karnataka Government and powered by SheThePeople.TV.

Let’s ask the man who works 16 hours a day and does not complain. Krishnakumar Natarajan, Chairman Mindtree sits with Bhavish Aggarwal, CEO, Ola Cabs to discuss the driving factors that inspired the biggest technology-based transportation company.

Navigating through the system

“When I started as a budding entrepreneur, the family support kept me going on, even when I doubted myself. Coming from a middle-class, normal but typical family, I learnt the art of transparency. I learnt how to be honest with the users as well as the employees. That drove me to the path of success. ”

On Starting Up

“The society wasn’t so accepting back in 2010, when we took the plunge. We lacked passionate people around us back then. I see so much passion in the youth today and that’s the key factor to get going, To be an eligible entrepreneur, be picky, be innovative and be passionate about your idea.”

“Be true to yourself, don’t get too attached to the idea of not failing ever.”

Raising Funds and The Journey 

When Natarajan asked Bhavish about his first experience with Angle round, he tagged it as an excruciating time. According to him, the most important thing to know before going into a room of investors is knowing what you’re doing, keeping in mind what you want. “Be true to yourself, don’t get too attached to the idea of not failing ever. For me, entrepreneurship is a bunch of ideas put together. If you have it in you, ultimately everything will fall in place ”

“One thing which held us going throughout is the motivation. We want to change the system,  the route. Can you with your creativity create an impact in the society? Keep asking this question.”

Tips – Be passionate but stay emotionally detached

“Ambiguity of knowing to be fit for the jackpot. It is important to know the idea and how to make it come true. Build a space where rationality of your business matters,” says Bhavish. “It is good to surround yourself with people who are critical. The more you share, the more you learn. Be passionate but stay emotionally detached.

Choosing the right investors

“Capitalist is just the beginning of the journey. Research on right partners. We always have taken money from the relevant person who we knew would stay with us forever, ” Bhavish explained. “Things will change, evolve but with the right investors besides, the pitch has to flow successfully. Investors need to back entrepreneurs. They understand how to nurture and bring out the best of entrepreneurs.”

“Learn the difference between Valuation and Value creation. Being valuation driven should not be the goal.”

Made In India Plan

We need to always remember our roots. Have an understanding of the Indian consumers. I say if you have an idea that can change your country, never look back,”

“We challenged the challenges. To retain the dream go backwards, find out the fault  and correct them. Design local solutions. Be always willing to learn, experience, fail, move forward. TRY TRY TRY.”

Work-life Balance

I started up at 24. At that very age, I learnt the meaning of work-life harmony.  If you love what you do, balancing life becomes easier in  every step.

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