30 Women to Follow On Twitter in India in 2018

30 Women to follow on twitter

This is a great list of women you ought to follow in 2018. Women who are breaking new ground, standing for themselves or others, infusing new life into art, sport and culture and bringing new energies and ideas for the world to get inspired from. It is the SheThePeople List of 30 Women To Follow On Twitter. So as we begin the new year and look for inspiration to complete all the resolutions we have set for ourselves, meet these stellar women, in no special order.

Women in Sport

@SushilaChanu is the captain of the Indian women’s hockey team. She is from Manipur, and promotes hockey in the Northeast. Under her leadership the Indian women’s team played at the 2016 Olympics after a gap of 36 years, having qualified in Antwerp. 121 international titles to her credit.

@M_Raj03 Mithali Raj is the captain of the Indian Women’s Cricket Team. In 2017 she shut up trolls who questioned her dressing sense and fashion police that worried about sweat marks on her armpits. She is a boss lady we are going to get more of in 2018

@sinha_arunima Hers is a story which captured the world. She is the first female amputee to climb Mount Everest, and by doing so bravely overcame all the obstacles in her way.

Women who are breaking new ground, standing for themselves or others, infusing new life into art, sport and culture and bringing new energies and ideas for the world to get inspired from.

@NungshiTashi This is the joint twitter account of sport wonder twins, Tashi and Nungshi Malik. Did you know that they are the world’s first female twins to climb Mount Everest. We love their photos of their Everest experience on their Twitter feed. 

Writers, Authors, Journalists

@lavsmohan  Lavanya Mohan is a columnist who writes for women who want to take charge of their finances. Her tweets focus on fiscal issues, reading and yes, she also won hearts over by candidly speaking about dealing with post partum depression. A must follow if you want to be better informed about handling your money.

@snigdhapoonam An award winning journalist, her twitter feed is replete with books, reading, social issues and links to interesting articles and essays. Her new book Dreamers: How Young Indians Are Changing The World is out soon. 

@anniezaidi ‏ Author, essayist, poet and short film maker, Annie Zaidi wears many hats and wears them all with great aplomb. On twitter, her tweets on social and women’s issues are always well thought out and incisive, putting the spotlight on uncomfortable topics.

@counselloranna Anna Chandy might be more famously known as Deepika Padukone’s therapist, but her twitter feed is a must follow for anyone who wants to be informed and updated about mental health issues.

@nilanjanaroy A writer and columnists, her tweets encompass the gamut from literature to social and gender issues, as well as her beloved cats. She also uses her immense following to help social causes, like when she urged her followers to donate books to community centers in a remote hill school.

@DeShobhaa A pathblazer all her career, Shobha De doesn’t mince her words and takes both bouquets and brickbats with feisty aplomb. Her opinions are always vociferous, and you can count on her to stir up a hornet’s nest on twitter with her sometimes controversial tweets. With a new book out, ‘70 and To Hell With It’ is exactly why you should follow her for her devil may care tweets.

30 women to follow on twitter

Source: SheThePeople


@anand_ishita is the CEO of Bitgiving, and online crowdfunding platform. Featured in the Forbes 30 under 30 list in Asia, her twitter feed is a must follow if you are looking for causes to help.

Anna Chandy might be more famously known as Deepika Padukone’s therapist, but her twitter feed is a must follow for anyone who wants to be informed

 This young entrepreneur is a go-getter. She is not only a singer, but the founder of Svatantra Microfinance which gives financing for women in rural India. She is the founder of online store CuroCarte and cofounder of mental health organisation Mpower along with her mother. So follow her and get inspired to start your own business.

Food And Beyond

@monikamanchanda  Switching careers from IT to follow her passion for food, Monika Manchanda began as a food blogger with her blog Sinamon Tales. She’s moved on to food consulting, home baking and is a popular youtuber as well. Her focus is on easy to make recipes, and her fabulous food photography makes her recipes droolworthy.

@doodlenomics  Sketching food appealingly is a skill few have, and Yasra Khoker‘s beautiful illustrations of food make you drool. This artist brings the visual to a social platform that is primarily words and has a dedicated fan following.

 @saffrontrail  With her debut book, The Everyday Healthy Vegetarian cookbook just out, this doctor turned food blogger Nandita Iyer,  is better known on social media by her blog handle Saffrontrail. The authority on healthy eating and vegetarian cooking, her blog has easy to do recipes which she constantly updates with how to videos.

Safvi is the founder of #shair movement on Twitter which aims to revive interest in Urdu poetry

@iamrana Rana Safvi runs a blog which talks about Delhi’s culture, food, heritage and more. She is the founder of #shair movement on Twitter which aims to revive interest in Urdu poetry. Rana’s perspective on the #tripletalaq debate is an effort to cover all sides of the debate.

@poojadhingraa It takes one Instagram post from her for you to drool over cupcakes and macaroons. But we love how she mixes business with social. A graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, Paris, she wanted to offer Mumbai a taste of classic French patisserie.

Purpose And Activism

@D_Roopa_IPS for first taking away all luxuries in jail from Sasikala. Then moving to Karnataka as head of road safety and traffic and bringing digital transformation in the department. She won at the Digital Women Awards for it. Now she’s promoted as IGP and transferred as  Addl Commandant General, Home guards and Addl Director, Civil Defence in Karnataka.

@mehartweets  Gurmehar Kaur is one of India’s loudest voices. Even as they come written on a placard. Daughter of an Indian Army captain who was martyred while fighting terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir. She has been hailed as a “free speech warrior”and is now set to pen it all in a book in the coming year.

@TrishaBShetty Her campaign #LahuKaLagaan was a milestone one for 2017. Hailed as a champion by the Obama Foundation, the founder of SheSays educates and makes women aware of the laws in their favour.

On Ground Storytelling

@maryashakil ‏ for sticking her neck out on elections as a result of having an ear to the ground. The anchor-reporter got it right for CNN IBN during the UP elections. We look forward to her coverage in 2018 on ground realities.

@dhanyarajendran for taking on trolls and even getting one jailed. She is unafraid to voice her opinions, Dhanya is the editor for south India focussed The News Minute.

Motherhood, Health & Us

@shreyilaanasuya  She is the managing editor of Skin Stories for Point of View India. The author and editor raises awareness about period pain, endometriosis, disabilities, and body positivity.

@natashabadhwar for making mistakes in motherhood, and reassuring us that it is simply ok to struggle, muggle and figure it out. Look forward to her journeys through the recesses of being mom and woman.

@sheljasen She is the founder of Children First Network India, a psychologist and an author. She advocated mindful parenting and appeared on TV with Shah Rukh Khan for a Ted Talk on how to effectively speak to one’s children. We all could do with some lessons on that front.

Entertainment, Blogging

@MissMalini ‏ for sharing the good, the ugly, the reality of Bollywood. Also for her book which comes out this year, #ToTheMoon and tells us how a blog went from being just that to a phenomenon.

@richa_singh She is the founder of Blog Chatter, a community for bloggers. Her campaigns include turning blogs into books and talking about how one can grow one’s community. If you have a blog, follow her!

30 women to follow on twitter

Source: SheThePeople

Politics, Perspectives & Policy

@SushmaSwaraj The woman who knows how to effect change through social media. Unlike most, she isn’t throwing political jabs but getting on with her real work. As India’s Minister of External Affairs she is quick to respond to Indians abroad in need. Recently she rescued three Indian girls from Kenya.

@divyaspandana She is the head of social media and digital communications for the Indian National Congress. The young actor was credited for turning around the party’s social media strategy and transforming it from a weak area to a strong one.

@amritabhinder  A tax lawyer by profession, she is a self-proclaimed right-winger and spokesperson for the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM). Amrita questions that world as defined by ‘liberals.’ She is a fierce protector of women’s rights and questions law and society for continued violation of contest, harassment and sexual behaviour.

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