Compelling work by South Asian Artists takes Twitter by storm

Tara Anand's illustrations

What started as a request to collate artworks, artists from South Asia turned our timelines into virtual museum of new age art. Especially digital and message oriented works by #SouthAsianArtists emerged over the last 48 hours showcasing powerful works.



The works are exceptional and expressive. SheThePeople has interviewed in the past illustrators and artists like Nimisha Bhanot, Tara Anand, Priyanka Paul and many others. These women have shown fresh creativity and are using new age tools of art.

Anand’s most recent project is named ‘I am no man’ and it’s become immensely popular for its perspective. “I’m hugely interested in history and I noticed that the most prevalent narrative in Indian history is dominated almost entirely by male figures,” explains Anand. She couldn’t believe there had been no women worth remembering in our history books other than Rani Laxmi Bai. So she began her research and discovered a number of warrior queens. “Representation is important, it can make or break the views and mindset of an entire society,” says Anand. “I strongly felt that these women needed some time in the limelight, so I decided to make a project out of it.”



Digital art has been a cornerstone of many of these works as men and women experiment with colors, digital programs and a digital brush. What’s interesting is how many of the concepts are reviving journeys and stories of struggles and successes. So some are depicting goddesses, others are looking at women driving change for themselves and many looking at the idea of violence and peace.