What Is The Secret Behind Men’s Youthful Skin?

Men's youthful skin
Women are often shamed and mocked for using makeup and surgeries to look more youthful while we hardly come across such comments about men and their appearance. What makes people think that men do not use such treatments to look younger? Is there a secret drink behind men’s youthful skin? Why do we always target women for trying to look younger than their age while appreciating men’s youthful skin during their 50s and 60s?

Whenever a female actor undergoes beauty surgery or treatment, the media loses its mind however if it’s a male actor who takes up treatment to look younger, no one bats an eye. Society has time and again mocked women for using makeup or surgical treatments to look younger than their age yet it has hardly ever pointed out men who use the same to keep a youthful skin. Such double standards of society have only resulted in more gender stereotypes being prevalent in a society where women are seen as “unnatural” for using makeup to look younger.

In a recent interview, actor Raveena Tandon elaborated on how the media sharply points out female actors who use treatments to look youthful. She mentioned, “Our media only mocks women saying, “Oh, she’s got surgery or botox done.” Don’t they think heroes get it done too?” She further revealed that even the male actors use the same treatments and questioned why is it that only women are pointed out for these things? Why is skincare only subjected to women and doing it considered feminine?

“Have our heroes discovered the eternal fountain of youth? Are they drinking something out of somewhere which the heroines don’t know?” Tandon further questioned. Watch the full video here.

There are so many times when women are subjected to criticism for being “unnatural”, “fake” or “plastic” for using treatments and makeup to look younger. Yet they are also criticised and mocked if they embrace their real self without being apologetic. Actor Sameera Reddy faced trolling on the internet for posting a picture on the internet in her grey locks and no-makeup face. When are we going to shed such double standards?

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On the other hand, male actors including Akshay Kumar and Anil Kapoor are often applauded for their fitness and youthful appearance even at the ages of 50s and 60s. While female actors who maintain their skin and body while growing old are seen with doubt. They are questioned about what surgery or treatment they use to stay so youthful. Anyway most female actors who reach a certain age are simply considered “older” and “aged”. If we appreciate men for looking youthful and being fit at older ages, why can’t we applaud the women too? Why is it that women are only put under the pressure of looking flawless and when they do, they are criticised for it?

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