We need to love our bodies, and its stretch marks says actor-influencer Sameera Reddy

Dear Sameera Reddy, thank you for inspiring us to love our bodies.

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Sameera Reddy flaunts stretch marks, Sameera Reddy flaunts stretch marks

Sameera Reddy talks body positivity. Actor turned digital content creator Sameera Reddy who goes by the the monicker messy mama, reminds us with this then and now image that we must love our bodies just as they are. The actor has been regularly sharing videos with stretch marks, baby fat to remind her followers that there is no one way a body should be or can be.


She says, we know how women are taught to be "perfect" particularly when it comes to their bodies. They are asked to "eat right", "exercise well" and "wear proper clothes" so that their bodies remain "forever appealing". Because of these toxic expectations, women try hard to attain the beauty standards they feel are "normal". Reddy's message is all about shattering stereotypes around the concept of beauty.

How Sameera Reddy is breaking stereotypes

Sameera Reddy took to her Instagram handle on Friday, Sep 10 to share a 'Now and Then' picture. The two pictures showed how drastically her body has transformed. She has visibly gained weight now but does that affect her in any way? "Do you keep comparing yourself to what you were before?" Reddy questioned her followers. She then continued with, "The healthiest thing you can do for your body and soul is to redefine and not get stuck on what used to be."

The ex-actor rightfully pointed out that the world will judge us no matter what we do. But we must not fall prey to that. She urged her followers to move forward and not look back. Using the hashtag "imperfectly perfect", Reddy concluded that this fitness Friday she wanted to stay positive and thank her body for giving her so much support. 

Why body positivity is important

It's very common for women to get easily demotivated by the comments they receive on their bodies. They are under the constant pressure of "appearing desirable". But why should it be that way? Is it correct to force women to look a certain way and live up to the societal expectations? I remember hating my body until I realised that would only make me loathe myself more and more. There were days when people would pass undesirable remarks on the way I look. I internalised this and thought of it as being normal.


With the passing years, I came to the realisation that it is nothing but the misogyny that leads people to bash women. They try to pull us down based on our physical appearance and that's the worst thing one can do. What hurts more is that in many cases, such people are none other than our close friends. In the garb of "concern", they body shame us and call us names thinking that all they're doing is "caring for us". Let us cut off all such people from our lives today itself. They just contribute to increasing our anxiety.

Dear women, your "flaws" set you apart from the crowd. You need not give in to judgements. No one is "born" with a perfect body. Bringing your body to a particular shape requires hard work and no one has the right to force you to do so. You ought to love your body because that's something you will always find by your side even when everyone else leaves.

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