Tom Daley Trolled For Knitting. Why Does He Make You Uncomfortable?

Tom Daley Trolled , Tom Daley knitting
Tom Daley trolled: After the British diver Tom Daley won a gold medal in the Olympics, he made a holder for it.

Daley has a passion for knitting. So, he made a pouch for his medal to keep it away from scratches. He broke the internet with the video where he revealed it to his followers and said that it would help him carry the medal easily without it getting scratched. Besides, he was also spotted knitting on the stands while watching the Olympic springboard final. No wonder, he won our hearts and his fans just couldn’t help appreciating him.

However, since we live in a world where knitting is seen as a “woman’s job”, Daley did make the chauvinists around us uncomfortable. His knitting while enjoying the game made way for some unsolicited and unwanted comments.

Tom Daley trolled for knitting. Another example of sexism

Daley’s love for knitting led to people calling him out and criticising him for not being “man enough”. BBC News shared the heartwarming news of the British diver practising his hobby during the Olympics on Facebook. There were several comments in support of the athlete. All his admirers loved how he made use of his time and saluted his creativity. But the comments section also brought out how biased we can be.

A user said, “Must be a Waldorf kid, or teacher…hahaha as teachers will knit in meetings and lectures all day long.” Another user commented, “Girls past time.” “British things,” said a third. The users pulled down women from other professions. They classified knitting as a “past time” for “girls” and made fun of a praiseworthy skill as “British things”. This reveals how we look at it as “derogatory”. Why should we give way to hatred when we can encourage Daley for breaking age-old stereotypes?

Another one said, “Maybe the cardboard beds weren’t such a great idea.” “As far I’m concerned you could be finger knitting your armpit, you are a bloody star,” said a user. A comment read, “Well he’s hardly going to whip out matchsticks, glue and sandpaper and start making his dad a lighter case is he?” A user passed the remark, “Instead of winning golds, he is knitting.” But he was soon made aware of Daley’s victory.