Why Do Politicians Never Get Tired Of Making Reckless Comments On Women?

Tathagata Roy
Tathagata Roy in hot water over sexist comments: If one has nothing relevant to talk about, one must learn to keep their mouth shut- wise teaching given to most of us as children. Unfortunately, it does not seem to apply to politicians who need to speak out loud or share their two cents on Twitter about everything. The same goes with the former governor of Meghalaya Tathagata Roy’s comment on what politicians “want”.

Two days ago, Bharatiya Janata Party leader Tathagata Roy over his ‘open’ clashes with Dilip Ghosh, who is BJP Chief for the West Bengal, made a statement on Twitter which immediately landed him a first-person report (FIR) case. He said in a tweet, “Any political party, inclg BJP, has 2 sets of people. Those who have come to give something (labour/intellect) & those who want to get something (power/money/woman). It is not entirely in practice to exclude the 2nd category entirely. However the leadership must know who is which.”

For this comment, a lawyer of the Calcutta High Court filed the FIR against the politician on the racket of “women and money”. In the complaint, the lawyer has asked the Kolkata police to investigate whether there are any dealing of money and women in the recent Assembly polls. To this, Roy said, “Oh my God! What a complaint! It is really surprising that these kind people are lawyers of Calcutta High Court.”

But what is more surprising to us is how a politician makes a statement in public space and then laughs it off. The idea of a national political party leader demeaning women is not funny. It is a serious allegation especially in a country where crime against women is not going down but increasing steeply.

Although, politicians in India have a knack for making statements or fighting their political battles by making statements that degrade women. Whether it be illogical suggestions of what women can do to how women should behave to haha moments of politicians when held accountable for their words.

Remember when Samajwadi Party’s chief, Mulayam Singh Yadav came on stage and nonchalantly said that boys make mistakes and boys will be boys. It was a rape case that he was talking about. Forget the seriousness of the issue, he then stood by it. Did Yadav have to bear any consequences for what he said?

According to data by the National Commission of Women, in 2021 the country saw a rise in the crime against women cases by 46 percent as compared to 2020, and half of these are coming from Uttar Pradesh amounting to 10, 084.

Who cares if one has medical knowledge or not, for example when Uttarakhand’s MLA and BJP Chief Ajay Bhatt said that women should drink the water from a river in Bageshwar, Kumaon called Garud Ganga River, to avoid C-section. He did not stop there and went on to say that the stones from the riverbank if rubbed on snake bites can be beneficial.

Politicians make these statements and do not think about the repercussions that they cause to a society where women are still fighting an uphill battle to live, and to do so with dignity. Where is the accountability? Why are we electing people who go about making reckless comments on women unapologetically? Why are they not being held for their ‘unthoughtful’ comments?

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Opinions expressed are the author’s own.

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