Marriage Means Being Together In Sickness, Health And Weirdness

Isn't this what marriage is all about? Tuning to your partner's way of life, without giving up your own and finding a way to laugh off a strange thing or two they might do in front of you.

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Tahira Kashyap breast milk story: Author and director Tahira Kashyap recently revealed that there was a time when her husband Ayushmann Khurrana used to drink the breast milk she had expressed for her first-born. Khurrana's logic to drinking Kashyap's breast milk was that it was of perfect temperature and was a good source of protein. To many health buffs, Khurrana's logic might have made sense, but many are simply dumbfounded by this revelation. Almost everyone I spoke to said that they found this titbit of celeb revelation weird. But isn't that a word we can use to describe people, in general, and marriages too?

In her book The 7 Sins Of Being A Mother, Kashyap writes that during a trip to Bangkok with her husband, she kept expressing milk, being a mom to a seven-month-old baby. The milk would curiously disappear which led her to confront Khurrana in their hotel room. "My boy (Ayushmann) was relaxing in the bedroom having his protein shake. I asked him about the curious case of the missing breast milk and he smirked while chugging his shake and wiping his milk moustache. His only response was that it had the perfect temperature, was highly nutritious and blended perfectly with his protein shake. Yikes!" Calling Khurrana a breast milk-stealing freak, Kashyap revealed that she hid the bottles of expressed milk from her gym-going, protein shake-drinking husband.

I think what has surprised many about this incident is not Khurrana drinking the breast milk expressed by his wife, but Kashyap's decision to talk openly about the incident. What happens between a couple, stays behind closed doors. Each one of us has habits and preferences that other people may find weird. If you feel the other way, then perhaps you are in denial! So when we get married, we bring the good, the bad and the weird to our bedrooms and relationship.

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Initially, your partner's strange habits might come across as gross or bizarre, but when couples eventually find their groove, they become a routine part of your life. This comes from a person who used to mix chai in cornflakes when she got married. A gross habit acquired in hostel life due to scarcity of decent quality drinking milk, which I eventually let go of. Now when I think of it, it is a miracle that my then-new husband hadn't felt grossed out and left me midway through our honeymoon. He made fun of my weird habit, we laughed and then we moved on. The chai thing is gone, but he still puts up with my refusal to not consume top and bottom slices of a bread loaf.

I guess that is what defines a marriage - tuning to your partner's way of life, without giving up your own and finding a way to laugh off a strange thing or two they might do in front of you. After all, it takes an immense amount of trust and courage to unleash one's weird side, even if it is in front of a person who has committed their companionship to you for seven lifetimes.

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