Why We Salute Swara Bhasker’s Outspoken Way Of Responding To Trolls

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Swara Bhasker reply: Actor Swara Bhasker is known for not mincing her words while voicing her opinions. She is famous for portraying strong characters on screen and is always on the front to stand up for what is right.

No wonder she often captures the attention of the trolls who try to pull her down. The Nil Battey Sannata actor made it to the headlines yet another time for comparing the extreme situation in Afghanistan to India. But she knows how to give a befitting reply to those trying to abuse her.

Swara Bhasker tweet against Taliban

On Tuesday, Aug 17, Bhasker tweeted, “We can’t be okay with Hindutva terror & be all shocked & devastated at Taliban terror.. & We can’t be chill with #Taliban terror; and then be all indignant about #Hindutva terror! Our humanitarian & ethical values should not be based on identity of the oppressor or oppressed.” This led to people believing that she “hurt their religious sentiments” and the hashtag “Arrest Swara Bhasker” started trending on Twitter.

Swara Bhasker reply to trolls

Participating in the trend, a user said, “Stick to vibrators & stop embarrassing ur own country and religion for no reason”. A leading daily, chose to highlight it in their headline while covering the news of the trend. Retorting to it, Bhasker said, “Constantly harassing a woman with vibrator jibes in a derogatory manner obviously referencing sexual activity is Cyber- sexual harassment.. Dear @fpjindia don’t normalise sexual harassment for the sake of a sensational headline.” Seemingly, Bhasker’s response and the backlash from other users created an impact and the daily later deleted the tweet and updated the headline.

Bhasker was seen using a vibrator in the 2018 movie Veere Di Wedding. Ever since then, she has constantly heard this jibe.

In May this year, she participated in a drive to secure COVID-19 resources for the needy. Journalist Ashok Shrivastav trolled her for the initiative saying that nothing else could be expected from a woman who was proud of introducing the vibrator to the silver screen and calling it ‘women empowerment’. He added that she ‘made a joke’ out of proving service.

Responding to it, Bhasker said, “Doesn’t uncle seem a bit obsessed with ‘vibrator’?”.

Why justify sexual harassment?

Every time a woman raises her voice against the injustices going on in the world, misogynists get an excuse to silence her. They aren’t comfortable with women stating the truth. Why should a reputed daily highlight a tweet that is derogatory to women and justifies sexual abuse? Like always, Bhasker was firm in pointing out how problematic it was.

Through her role in Veere Di Wedding, Bhasker brought to the notice how we as a society ignore a woman’s sexual needs. Isn’t this an issue we should talk about? Instead of subjecting the actor to trolls? Trying to suppress a woman by making inappropriate comments just because you don’t agree with her only highlights one’s intolerance.

And finally, why should we join the “Arrest Swara Bhasker” trend? Whether we agree with Swara or not there is no denying the fact that Afghanistan is currently going through an unprecedented Humanitarian crisis and their is no denying that Women of Afghanistan still have got the shorter end of the stick.

The views expressed are the author’s own.