5 Ways Women Can Claim Sexual Pleasure In A Relationship

The data on the orgasm gap is evidence of how so many women have never attained orgasm ever in their life and that needs to change

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5 Ways Women Can Claim Sexual Pleasure In A Relationships

Let’s be honest, many women still feel that they are not supposed to enjoy sex and it is their duty to just please men. It is because men and other women have been successful in portraying women as mere objects used to attain sexual pleasure. Women need to understand that their pleasure matters and the act of sex is for both male and female pleasure. The data on the orgasm gap is evidence of how so many women have never attained orgasm ever in their life and that needs to change. If you are unable to experience the real joy in your sexual relationships, here’s what you should start doing:


Value yourself                           

You need to understand that it is not just your fault that you never orgasm and your partner too is responsible for that. Sex is an act performed between two (or more) people and if one of them is not really having fun then it is partly because of the other participant(s). Women have often spoken how they do not climax because it takes them too long. But if it is a proven fact that many women take longer and that sex is not an individual act then what is ‘too long’?  You deserve to take your time and you deserve that climax.

Explore yourself

If you do not really know what it is that you like then you must find out. No matter if takes some time but you should know what your body desires and how you feel most satisfied. It is also about acknowledging your kinks and preferences that aren’t really talked about by many people. Just because something is ‘unusual’ to a group of people it doesn’t mean that it is not normal for other groups. Remember what Jane Austen said, “One half of the world cannot understand the pleasures of the other”. Maybe she was talking about sexual pleasure, maybe not but it is true anyway.

Never fake it

Many women feel that by faking pleasure they are making their partner feel better. In fact, by doing this, they not only deny themselves the pleasure they deserve but also ruin it for so many other people who will get involved with partner in the future. When you lie about such things to your partner remember that you are only giving them temporary ego boost and hindering their growth. Also, once you tell them they are doing great they are probably not going to believe you when you tell them otherwise the next time.


Resolve your differences

There are several reasons why many couples stop engaging in sexual activities after being with each other for a long time. One of them is unresolved conflicts. When two people try to maintain a consistent relationship and breaking apart is not an option they look over many things but just because we tell our minds to stop thinking about some things doesn’t mean it will. In order to be happy together, you must pay attention to what is holding you back and then talk it out.

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Identify your traumas

In 2017 World Health Organisation reported that 1 in every 3 women has gone through physical or sexual abuse. It also a proven fact that people who have had bad sexual experiences in the past, find it difficult to engage in healthy sexual relationships. Women often try to undermine their sexual traumas by saying “it happens to everyone”. Even if it does, it shouldn’t be normalised. You must tell yourself that what happened shouldn’t have happened and you were wronged. The next step after identifying your trauma is seeking help to get over it. We all need help and we all deserve

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