Sushmita Sen Says Good Looks Are Overrated And We Totally Agree With Her

Sushmita Sen On Beauty Standards
No matter what a woman is capable of doing, but good-looks are something that bothers everyone. A woman may be successful, and well achieved but there is this little inside urge which keeps her feeling inferior for not having good looks. The urge might be triggered due to external forces treatment, societal behaviour, and more. But the catch is how to defy them and keep owning the room like a queen. For that, a lesson needs to be learned from Sushmita Sen, who gave a piece of extraordinary advice to a woman in the comment section of one of the Sen’s posts.

Sushmita Sen On Beauty Standards

A woman asked, “You’re such a beautiful woman Sushmita Sen. Inside out. And you have wisdom. And the confidence that you have cultivated. Please, what do women like me who are not blessed with looks do, to tell the world, show me what you got!?” To which Sen advised “Good looks are overrated anyway… show them character! P.S. just saw your smile… Beautiful!” Sen is 100% right show them character.

Before showing the character, first one needs to love their own character. Feel beautiful and disregard all the beauty standards that make you differentiate between beautiful and ugly. First, one needs to learn to leave these prejudices behind and accept the fact good looks cannot be standardised and that everyone is beautiful in their own way. But this also needs to be done so that you don’t patronise yourself and instead feel comfortable in whatever you have. The song Try by Colbie Caillat talks on a similar line. It asks all women- do you like yourself? Isn’t this beautiful- have you learned to like yourself and stop trying hard for others to like you?

It is understandable women don’t purposely make themselves feel in a certain way. This is something cultivated by society. Society has used beauty as a tool to reinforce power dynamics and maintain the status quo, with those who are considered beautiful being given more privilege and attention. Society does its job well and embeds inferior complexities in women who do not fit into societal standards. This is also the source of discrimination for the terms like colourism, racism and body shaming. This lead to feelings of self-doubt and insecurity, especially when they compare themselves to others who they believe are more attractive, the fact is known. But it is on women to defy these beauty standards, instead of embracing them just because others are doing it.

Beauty standards in the first place do not reflect the diversity of human appearance. So putting yourself in that standard is totally unreasonable. When you stop putting yourselves in boxes and ask questions – Why society wants you to look good? Aren’t you beautiful enough? What is beauty anyway? When you challenge unrealistic beauty standards, self-acceptance and self-esteem are definitely going to rise. For society to work towards a more inclusive and equitable definition of beauty, it is you on an individual level to stop fitting in and flaunt whatever you have got, let the world see your character!

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