Shows Like Sex and The City Cancelled By Audience Since They Haven’t Aged Well

Sex and The City has been cancelled by the audience for its troublesome expositions of some sensitive issues. Here are some other shows that haven't aged well.

Bhavya Saini
Jan 18, 2022 04:35 IST
Shows like Sex and The City
As much as we love watching Sex and The City for its liberating portrayal of women and love Barney Stinson’s way of life, there are certain problematic issues projected in these shows which proves that they haven’t aged well. Here’s a list of shows like Sex and The City we all love but know that they do not exactly represent some issues with the sensitisation they need.

Every girl that has watched Sex and The City has imagined herself living in New York, meeting new guys and living the chic life like Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte. While the show portrays a liberated view of women, it also features glorification of a materialistic life, slut-shaming and problematic representation of LGBTQ community.

The audience has called out the show for an unrealistic depiction of urban women and their life in the name of women empowerment. Even in its revival, the show fails at the depiction of cultural appropriation miserably.

Here are some other shows like Sex and The City cancelled by the audience for their problematic characterisations:

  1. Family Guy  

Despite being quite hilarious, the show has received backlash for the two decades it has been running for offending minorities all around the world. From offending religious communities with strong atheist stance, to its homophobic approach of the LGBTQ community, the show has taken on with all.

  1. Game of Thrones 

Even with a huge fan base, drama series Game of Thrones could not keep itself away from stirring controversies. The show has been condemned by the audience for its repeated portrayal of rape, incest and violence. The audience complained that the show included unnecessary sexual scenes which made it quite explicit. The depiction of incest had been particularly condemned by many.

Shows Like Sex and The City Cancelled By Audience Since They Haven’t Aged Well - What are the other shows that you think are problematic?

  1. How I Met Your Mother  

The characterisation of Barney Stinson by Neil Patrick Harris in this American sitcom is very problematic. Even though we may adore how he expressed his love Robin, he is a womaniser, cheater and objectifies women as a means of sex. He possesses a “Playbook” which includes all his ideas to con women into sleeping with him. How pathetic!

  1. Two and A Half Men 

American TV sitcom Two and A Half Men stars actor Charlie Sheen as Charlie Harper who has been cancelled by the audience for being a womaniser, alcoholic, smoker, gambler and a sexist. The show also depicts casual joking about Alan Harper’s attitude as effeminate for having certain feminine preferences.

  1. Californication  

With a total of seven seasons, Californication is an American comedy-drama series which revolves around the life of a writer as he tries to keep a balance between his work and complicated love-life. The show portrays some very problematic and dysfunctional portrayal of middle-aged adults. Hank Moody, the writer, is an alcoholic and commitment-phobic who happens to impress women without any intentions of his own while he’s in love with Karen, with whom he has a daughter.

On the other hand, Karen comes back to Hank repeatedly despite knowing his toxic behaviours and fear of commitment. There is also characterisation of Marcy and Charlie Runkle, both of which have weird sexual fantasies and share a complicated relationship too. To be precise, the show uses sex as a means of exposition.

As much as these shows cracked us up or made us fantasise about a dreamy life, they portray some very problematic representations of human life as realised by the audience which cancelled these toxic and troublesome glorifications.

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