Don't Let Negativity Or Judgement Consume You: Sameera Reddy's Note On Weight Loss

Sameera has been actively talking about important issues like being comfortable in your body, losing pregnancy weight, mental health issues

Ria Das
Aug 10, 2021 09:56 IST
Sameera Reddy weight loss
Sameera Reddy weight loss journey: Actor Sameera Reddy, who actively speaks about fitness and body positivity, took to Instagram and penned a Tuesday motivation post regarding weight loss.

Reddy wrote about how she has been able to lose weight with few months of light workouts and how she is as content now as she was before she began her journey towards fitness. She mentioned burning those extra calories and also advised her fans to not get consumed by the "negativity" or "judgement".

The mother-of-two, Reddy has shared two throwback pictures from January 2021 and wrote that she was 92 kg and was very much happy then as she is now today after losing 10 kg. "To feel connected with your self worth at any stage, any age however unflattering or imperfect your appearance may be to others, is what the #bodypositivity is all about (sic)!” she stressed featuring in one photo with her son Hans. The actor is married to Akshai Varde and is raising two kids, Hans and Nyra.

Reddy has been frequently posting about breastfeeding and her experiences as a new mom. She didn't even hesitate to flaunt grey, stretch marks, loose skin or acne on social media. The actor has championed the cause of accepting one’s body and being positive about life. On Monday, she had posted a workout video for netizens that featured her son and daughter exercising together.


Reddy has been actively exercising to achieve her weight loss goal before Diwali. She took to Instagram to announce that she had lost 10 kg in the last six months. She shared a video discussing important issues such as losing pregnancy weight, mental health issues, body image issues and more. She said her goal weight is 75 kg and to achieve that she only had to lose 7.5 kg more. The actor also thanked the online community for supporting her in her weight-loss journey.

Earlier, the Race actor had shared how she struggled with postpartum depression after the birth of her son Hans in 2015. Before giving birth to her second child, she had opened up about postpartum depression and alopecia.

Feature Image Credit: Sameera Reddy/Instagram

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