Rupali Ganguly Body Shamed By 'Neighbouring Aunties' For Gaining Weight

The TV serial Anupamaa actor Rupali Ganguly was body-shamed for gaining 30 kgs after pregnancy by the women in her neighbourhood.

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Rupali Ganguly Body Shamed : Actor says she was body-shamed for gaining 30 kgs after pregnancy by the women in her neighbourhood.

Ganguly is the lead actor in the TV serial called Anupamaa. She opened up about how she gained weight after pregnancy and was body-shamed by people she didn't even know.

Rupali Ganguly was body-shamed after delivery

Rupali Ganguly who married businessman Ashwin K Verma in 2013 has a son named Rudransh. Ganguly shared that she went from 58 kgs before pregnancy and gained almost 30 kgs after it. She weighed 86 kg at the time of her delivery.

Rupali who was also known for her role of Monisha in 'Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai', was mocked by neighbourhood aunties for being fat. Ganguly shared her experience of the time she took her child out for a walk. A few women in her neighbourhood stopped her and said, "Arre, tum toh Monisha ho, kitni moti ho gayi ho (You are the actor who plays Monisha, right? You have gained so much weight)."

To this saddening body-shaming incident, the actor says, "Who gives anybody a right to judge a mother? Nobody knows the kind of issues that a woman is going through."

Rupali Ganguly tested positive for COVID-19

Rupali Ganguly had tested positive for COVID-19 on April 2, 2021. Ganguly said that she is experiencing mild to asymptomatic and is home-quarantined. "The moment I return from the shoot, I take a shower and then immediately wear a mask and go to my room where I am living in isolation," said Ganguly, adding that after she leaves for shoot her room is properly sanitised. Her co-star Mehrotra, who plays Ganguly’s elder son on the show, had tested positive a few days ago. The show's producer Rajan Shahi wished Rupali Ganguly a speedy recovery and also said that he is committed to the safety of our cast and crew.


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