Safety Concerns: 10 Everyday Things That Feel Like a Challenge To Women

In order to stay safe, women are missing out on the simple joys of life. Have we ever realised how normal things can become challenging for women?

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Women and safety concerns! What appears to be simple tasks for men comes no less than a challenge for women. Life as a woman, is not a cakewalk. If you are a woman you will agree and if you are a man read on to know more...

Merely desiring something doesn't make it achievable for us because we are always concerned about our safety! But why do women feel unsafe in familiar situations also? Let's find out.

Safety concerns: 10 simple things that are challenging for us

1. Travelling alone

Travelling alone sounds thrilling but for a woman it is not without challenges. We are forever worried when we are alone and watching our shadows. Ask any single woman you know and she will tell you that the adage "Akeli ladki khuli huyi tijori ki tarah hoti hai" doesn't seem to be leaving us any time soon.

2. Stepping out at night

I don't need to elaborate on how big a deal it is for women to step out unaccompanied after nightfall. Even for running errands, she should be accompanied, preferably by a male. It is always seen as a man's "responsibility" to "protect" a woman. With the rise in crime against women, many women will tell you that they feel it is better to be safe than sorry.


3. Dressing up as per choice

If a woman wears short skirts, she is "asking for it". Every time a woman is assaulted, the first question is, "What was she wearing?" We are under the constant fear of being responsible for "arousing" men. Therefore, we need to think twice before donning the clothes of our choice. We know that majority will never hold men accountable for their actions but blame us for our choice of clothes.

4. Flirting

Ever wondered how we have normalised men flirting? Women who flirt are slut-shamed and called names. When men do the same thing, they are seen as 'studs'. However, let us all remember where we need to stop flirting because we may unknowingly end up hurting a person's emotions.

5. Staying away from home

Safety concerns hit hard when we need to stay alone. When I stayed away from home for my studies, I knew how my parents passed their days back home. I considered it a responsibility to inform them about my whereabouts. I never blamed them for worrying because I knew getting tensed was not their fault. It was all genuine concern.


6. Get A Drink

Women also love to unwind after a hard day's work. They also love their spirits. She isn't drinking alone to attract you. If you meet a woman who is drinking you can just leave her alone. Under no circumstances, did she "invite" you to harass her or feel obligated to buy her a drink.

7. We Don't Get To Be Angry

Anger is an emotion that helps us express ourselves better. It's always a better option to let out everything that's worrying you instead of letting it ruin your mental health. Angry women aren't "difficult", "annoying", or "attention-seeking". Stop judging women who know when to get angry. Click here to read more on female anger.

8. Divorce Is Difficult

Women are scared of walking out of toxic marriages. for fear of being labelled as "home wreckers". Many women continue to suffer because they believe it to be a better option than answer unwanted questions. Divorce has nothing to do with a woman's character.


9. Making guy friends

Yes, making guy friends is a difficult task for women. We need to be quite selective when shaking hands with someone from the opposite sex. It's tough for us to trust anyone and everyone. But in all honesty, having good guy friends is healthy and helps you build yourself positively.

10. Being single

Have you ever been taunted because you are single and not ready to mingle? It's common to assume single women as "lonely". While single women may have no complaints about their singledom, they're aware of how they are looked upon.

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