Shamed For Short Skirts: When Will Society Stop Blaming Girls for ‘Ruining’ Boys?

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When will society stop blaming women for ruining boys? Girls from a high school in Mumbai were criticised for wearing short skirts to ‘spoil’ the boy’s mindsets. The girls were in their assembly hall enjoying a music band. When the video when viral, commenters took the cue to shame the school authorities, the students and their parents for ‘allowing’ girls to wear short skirts.

Girls are often ridiculed at school, by teachers and at times fellow students. The skirt’s too short, this is not how you sit or that’s not how you stand. At this school’s musical function, girls seemed to enjoying an extra curricular activity but it took only few minutes on the internet for the moral police to step in and shame the girls for no reason. Girls were attacked for sitting comfortably and enjoying the band performance arranged by their school instead of covering themselves up.

Here is the video in question:

School Girls Wearing Skirt Spoil Boys’ Life?

Some of the commenters blamed the female students for spoiling boys’ life by wearing “provocative dresses”. Many also claimed that short skirts were against our tradition, hence must be banned. Ironically, these were the same commentators who thought it appropriate to sexualise minor school girls.

One of the comments also stated that schools that allow girls to wear short skirts ruin the minds of innocent children and ‘promote Christianity.’

This incident comes amidst the controversial response of Goa’s Chief Minister Pramod Sawant to the gang rape of two minors at the Benaulim beach. Pramod stated that it was the parents’ responsibility to keep in check their daughter’s outings.

He said, “Parents should also take responsibility while sending minor children out,” concerning the horrific case of four men gang-raping two minors.