Mom Tells 5-Year-Old Daughter To Wear A Mask For A Shopping Trip, She Pairs A Star Wars One With Her Tutu

Mandalorian mask girl viral photo

I’ve always found it exciting to be around little kids, for one doesn’t know what to ever expect. Unlike adults, who take upon each day with careful calculation, children believe in living from one moment to the next. We spend years chasing the dream of following our hearts, but the only people truly able to fulfil it are younglings. A little girl proved this to be true recently. When her mother told her to grab a mask so they could go to the store, the one she came wearing out was surprising, delightful, and proof that when little girls dream, they dream big.

38-year-old Raena Granberry and her five-year-old daughter Justice were to visit a nearby store for some Christmas shopping. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Granberry told her daughter to go get a mask. And little Justice thought it was far more appealing to grab her superhero mask than a plain old cloth one. Needless to say, her sci-fi costume mask from Star Wars’ series The Mandalorian goes very well with her sparkly tutu and doll. No reason it shouldn’t, right?

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About The Mask

The Mandalorian is a web series from the Star Wars universe, the second season of which is airing now on Disney+. It is a high-rated sci-fi show that has a wide fan base and received rave reviews upon release. The fantasy tale follows the story of a gunfighter on a mission to retrieve The Child, popularly known as Baby Yoda.

Apparently, Granberry’s entire family is into Star Wars, which is why Justice had a Mandalorian mask lying around. Granberry told Buzzfeed that she made Justice wear a cloth mask too underneath, but that Justice wore her superhero mask for much of the shopping trip. “Let these kids be who they are, they’re gonna be that anyway, so the more you foster it and love them and let it be, the more awesome they get to be and shine for the world and make them happy,” she said.

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Social Media Can’t Get Enough Of The Girl’s Mask

The internet is obsessed with Justice’s look and the spunk with which she is rocking the princess-cum-superhero look. With over 77,000 shares and over half a million likes, Justice’s photo has gone viral, with many celebrities – including Pedro Pascal, the actor playing the main lead in The Mandalorian – reacting to it.

We rounded up some of the best reactions for you: 


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