Here’s Why Mothers and Daughters Must Talk About Sex And Pregnancy

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A mother and daughter bond is one of the most intimate relationships. They are free to share any secrets or problems. Through all those difficulties that a girl faces while growing up, it is her mother who supports and consoles her. But sometimes, there comes a communication gap between them. This arises especially when the daughter is in her teenage. This is a phase when a girl is curious as well as unaware of various aspects of being a woman. As a young woman I can say this with experience that a conversation between mothers and daughters can go a long way in dispelling myths and reinforcing confidence among girls.

Is teenage the right time to sensitise your daughter on topics like sex and pregnancy? The answer is a big yes. It is the only right time when young girls need to be made aware of these topics. Unfortunately, many parents hesitate to talk to their daughters regarding these and wait until before they get married. It is often found that mothers talk about sex and pregnancy only just before the girl gets married, sometimes the very night before the wedding. Definitely, this is a big disadvantage for the naïve daughter.

Why do teenage girls need to be educated about sex and pregnancy?

We all hear about the increasing rate of teenage pregnancies. This is one of the consequences of the lack of knowledge. Teenagers often find themselves in uncertain situations and are always very impulsive. Since parents do not have healthy conversations with them regarding topics like sex and pregnancy, these young girls turn to the internet for help. But all the information on the internet cannot be trusted blindly.

Hence, parents need to address these topics with their children. While both boys and girls equally need to be sensitised, a daughter should never be denied this information. A mother plays a crucial role here.

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Significance of a mother-daughter conversation

Indeed, a woman is always a comfort zone for another woman. The comfort zone becomes a safe zone when it is your mother. Your mom was the one who got your first pads, your make up and made all the delicious sweets for your cravings. Certainly, a mother should be the one to talk to their teenage daughters about sex and pregnancy too.

Having a conversation on these may not come easy to certain mothers. But it is only a gradual process. Hence daughters need time. So teenage is the best phase for them to realise all this. If they are poured with all these ideas only before their marriage, there are chances of oppression, pain, and getting scarred.

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