The Bra Controversy: To Wear Or Not Should Be A Personal Choice

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What is it about bras and gossip? Interestingly, it never fails to draw attention even in its absence. It is a topic of discussion when it is too tight, too loose and when the strap is peeping out. God forbid its notorious absence can lead to collective gasps and have everyone drop what they are doing to put their heads together for a quick chat on how “moral values” are getting corrupt! I am not just talking about Malaika Arora bra controversy and the mad frenzy created by the paparazzi but the story of every woman who wears a bra.

Let us face most people who wear bras will tell you that removing a bra is a glorious feeling. And women look forward to winters to chuck them hoping that layers and layers of winter wear, of course not needed in Mumbai, will help them stay away from the prying eyes and all those who sit on the high seat of judgment. Maybe Malaika also thought that the recent chill in the Mumbai temperature which pushed the sweatshirts to come out of the wardrobes would help her avoid the scrutinising eyes. But alas, what unfolded on the name of reporting was tasteless, to say the least. And the netizens (aka moral police) hardly miss an opportunity to troll, do they? 

The Bra Controversy:  Why is it considered a social issue if a woman decides to chuck her bra?

Why is it ok to target women for their choice of clothes? The actor was covered head to toe in a sweatshirt and track pants walking her pet Casper which perfectly qualifies it as her me-time? She was not walking on a red carpet, so why should people make it their business to comment on her innerwear or the lack of it? Why can’t she choose comfort over looking “proper”? Now Malaika is not new to trolling, as much as she has been admired for her impeccable fashion sense she has been criticised for her stretch marks, walking out of an unhappy marriage or dating a man much younger to her and so on. She might have moved on quickly or not paid heed in first place.

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But why is it considered a social issue if a woman decides to chuck her bra? Shouldn’t it be her choice? Imagine people writing, “Double Mask, Without A Single Bra.” I mean double mask is for your safety and mine, but me not wearing a bra is not going to get a deadly viral infection that has brought the world to a standstill for two years!

Contrary to popular belief, medically it is proven that bras do not do us any good. “Wearing a bra doesn’t affect the risk of breast sagging, or what is called “breast ptosis,” said Dr Breast health specialist Cassann Blake. This means it won’t impact the shape of your breasts. However, women with a larger cup size may feel more comfortable wearing a bra as it may help alleviate back pain caused due to the weight of your breasts.

Ask any woman about the feeling of talking of a fitted bra at the end of the hard day’s work and you will know most women wear it as a compulsion and not as a necessity. During the lockdown, many women decided to chuck the uncomfortable constricting innerwear for comfort. Staying at home and managing without this piece of innerwear has made women rethink whether they need it when they want to feel comfortable. So why do we need our celebrities to be red carpet ready 24 X7? And if you don’t like what you are looking you have the choice of looking away just as we do when your denim are hanging too low or that paunch is peeking out.

 The views expressed are the author’s own.

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