Malaika Arora Stepped Out Without A Bra And Trolls Lost Their Minds

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Actor Malaika Arora recently started trending all over on social media just after a picture of her walking her dog was revealed in entertainment sections of big media publications. By one look, one can only see her wearing a tracksuit and walking her dog but the headlines informed people that the actor stepped out without a bra.

It’s hard to not hear the tone of such headlines as they sound a lot like typical nosy neighbours when they do not have anything to talk to each other about.

Malaika Arora Bra-less Picture and The Controversy Around It

The judgement against Arora was brutal. More dirt was thrown her way by some men on social media sites who act like they were hired by an imaginary organisation dedicated to protecting the so-called Indian values. Every time a woman walks out of her house without a bra, the Indian values need protecting. How can they be protected? Apparently by shaming the woman for it.

Every shameless remark made against Arora’s recent picture takes us at least a couple years back in time. Isn’t 2022 where we are supposed to have progressed a little? A time where disrespecting women is not funny?

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Then there were newspapers who displayed their precious vocabulary with Malaika Arora’s picture. The usage of the word “bold” was generous. One is forced to commend this new and improved way of shaming women.

They made it seem like Arora really did something earth-shattering by dressing up as per her wish. If a woman decides to be herself, she will either be shamed for it or be portrayed like some goddess who is making everything happen for the women of the world. How about we relax and let people be?

What is so bold about women not wearing a bra? As far as the past two years are concerned, women definitely did not care about bras.

Except the ones who could not make that choice in presence of their in-laws or family members. If the breasts being free is still such a big deal in our country then it is easy to assume that all the conversations around feminism on social media where men pretend to “respect” women for their choices have gone to waste.

Why is it not about choice?

Choosing to wear or not wear a bra should be an individual choice. There are women who feel comfortable without the extra set of hooks and wires sticking to their body and there are others who need that support. But is that what really happens? As soon as girls reach their teenage years, the female elders of the house start to push them to wear a bra by scaring them about how their breasts will start to sag, how some outfit won’t look nice without it and how they will be stared at.

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Actor Saloni Chopra said in an interview with SheThePeople said she has been shamed for not wearing one and sometimes for wearing one and showing it. She said, ” I feel very comfortable without wearing one and the only time I have worn one is when it has been a fashion accessory. I think it is a lot about ownership.”

Societal pressure?

Chopra also said that even though during the lockdown many women started to feel comfortable talking about bra, she doesn’t think we are at a point where men are seeing it the same way. ” I think a lot of women will still end up putting a bra when they go out to work or party because our surroundings will not change. The way you are looked at by men while walking down the street without wearing a bra won’t change. I think it will unfortunately come down to the same place where we would just put on a bra to be safer and to avoid conflict.”

Views expressed by the author are their own.

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