Technology, An Unexpected Friend: Why Finding Your Place In The Digital Era Is Imperative

I believe the biggest advantage we have today is technology. It can be daunting to have to keep up with how rapidly it is evolving, but there are so many benefits one can reap by remaining in step.

Archana Dhankar
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I am a Digital Marketing Strategist from Delhi, India, now residing in Warwickshire, England, with my husband and son. In addition to being a wife, mum and a full-time professional, I have also completed my Executive MBA from the prestigious Warwick Business School.

And in the midst of all of this, I also take time for my passion project, ‘FashionForRoyals’– a digital platform I founded through which women from all walks of life share their experiences in all things style, fashion, travel, luxury and being a woman.

Keeping up with all of these roles can be hard, especially since having grown up in an age when wearing so many hats was very rare. Today, it is almost an expectation, not just from a society that is so competitive, or your children who look to you for inspiration, but also from yourself for self-worth. I believe the biggest advantage we have is technology, and how it has managed to keep us all connected, especially in the last decade. It can be daunting to have to keep up with how rapidly it is evolving, but there are so many benefits one can reap by remaining in step.

Finding Your Place In Digital Era

I had no formal education in the field of digital marketing, so I had to learn the ropes on the job. Being in a competitive and demanding workspace also meant that there was less time and patience to teach. At first, it was daunting to put my best forward as a professional, spouse and parent, but I had to learn to equip myself. I started reading e-newsletters, watching videos and chatting with people through various social media platforms to keep me on my toes. It was also easier to reach out to women in similar positions and learn from each other’s experiences about navigating challenges at work and home.

Incorporating tips and hacks I learned from others made it easier to maintain balance and find my ground. Gaining momentum in technology also gave me the confidence to establish a blog of my own and explore other aspects I was personally interested in, including fashion and lifestyle.

I realised that there was a whole community like me out there that was equally interested but did not know where to start. So, I worked on a platform that brought women together to discuss their inhibitions about day-to-day activities and interests so we could remain engaged, ask each other questions and perhaps even find solutions together. This was especially helpful during the last three years of the pandemic when trying to adjust to the new normal became a global challenge. We may have been confined to our homes, but remaining connected despite it meant we could find support whenever we needed it.


As a homemaker and mother too, I was constantly looking for ways to make my family’s and my life more efficient. And I knew that it was as simple as logging into a screen and finding the solution at the tap of a few keys on any device. It made me realise that we live in an era that is revolutionary because the answers to even the hardest questions are already out there. It also helped to keep up with my son’s generation and their new ways of learning.

I feel more confident about answering his questions, learning more about his interests and possibly even taking part in them. It is a useful tool today because our conversations at the dinner table are more engaging when everyone is more involved and aware of what the other is doing. Be it a challenging school project he needs help with, making a dish he really wants to try, or just finding hobbies to pursue together, it has helped us build a great relationship. And most importantly, it has been a great boost of morale and self-worth.

I feel a sense of accomplishment and relief because being a working mother can put you through many unexpected circumstances. And although it might not be the only answer, technology has definitely helped me brave through these challenges more easily.

The digital age can feel intimidating, and we often let it pass by saying it is a thing for the younger generations. My advice is to change that narrative and embrace these ever-growing platforms, not just to remain abreast, but also to remain relevant. We have never been more connected than today, so take advantage because there is a solution for nearly every problem. Looking to add some skills to your resume or start a side hustle? Sign-up for a masterclass.

Want to take up a new hobby on a budget? Learn the ropes from YouTube from the comfort of your home. Have questions about fashion, lifestyle or even parenting? The ">social network is filled with women and men alike who share their daily experiences - and even if you do not find an answer, you will never feel alone because you are assured that so many have been in similar situations.

The possibilities are endless, so take the chance and do not let inhibitions hold you back. I sincerely believe that if we treat technology more as an ally and less as a hindrance, it will help boost our skill set, morale and self-worth.

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