How Digital Media is Helping in Improving the Lives of Women

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The 21st century truly sparked a digital revolution like no other. With the face of digital media changing drastically, one has to come to terms with the amazing reach of technology. The world is now a single unit, made up of fragments of different cultures and traditions.


The users of this platform are diverse, but let's discuss a sector which is only starting to take advantage of this multi-faceted tool. This sector comprises only 26% of Internet users in India - the female population. How does digital media help in improving the lives of women, in creating better conditions for their survival?  How is digital media a boon in empowering Indian women?

Mostly, all the resources in the family went towards the education of their brothers and the expenses of the household.


Let's begin by discussing the institution of education. It is common knowledge that there is a major disparity between the literacy rates between the two sexes in India. Earlier, girls almost had no hope of receiving formal education, learn how to read and write. Mostly, all the resources in the family went towards the education of their brothers and the expenses of the household. Now, with the advent of smartphones, also with wider access to the Internet, girls have hope. There is more awareness even if nothing else, they hope to become educated individuals can come true.

Work from Home Jobs

With a large number of jobs that have arisen with the digital boom, women are no longer confined to the title of homemakers. Further, no one considers their sole duty is taking care of the house and family. With work from home jobs, to employment in industries and marketing offices, women are now a prominent part of all professional circles. They have also proved to be at par with their male counterparts in diverse fields. The increased exposure to modern thinking, their families are also now more supportive of their going out to work.


Bringing People Together

In addition, the digital media provides a platform for women to share their stories. These can be stories of personal experiences such as abusive behaviour inflicted upon them. Or stories of times when justice wasn't served to them, even stories about issues they wouldn't want to talk about otherwise. Also, such forums provide a place to find solutions to their problems.

The Internet has become a medium for women from far and wide to share their problems, their stories, or simply to make friends.

With the comfort of anonymity, more and more women are letting go of all apprehensions. Women are telling their tales online.  The Internet has evolved into a  global village which reminds women that they are not alone in this journey called life.

With the increasing number of campaigns for the equality of women, women are now aware of their rights. After centuries of being subdued, they finally have a voice in society, which is only getting louder by the day.

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Sreya Suri studies Journalism at  Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi. The views expressed in this column are the author’s own.

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