Five Ways COVID has Affected my Diwali Celebrations

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COVID has proved to be a solid party-pooper for the year and has also affected our Diwali celebrations. Gone are the days when we would eagerly waddle to our relatives and cousins and watch the city dazzle with glittery lights. The only safe hangout buddies left are masks and sanitisers.

Instead of Ranbir Kapoor, COVID-19 should have been featured in the song “Galti se mistake” since this pandemic has single-handedly brought the economy, educational institutions, social landscape, mental health, motivation, relationships, and future plans to devastation.

So here’s my version of the C-O-V-I-D that has taken the shine out of my Diwali celebrations.

1.C for Cannot be a part of huge gatherings

It is needless to say that the fear of huge gatherings and multiple people at one place calls for utmost precaution. Shopping malls, markets, weekly bazaars are open for occasional visits but the risk of infection is equally prevalent. Therefore the lazy joy of softly gorging on the street food while getting your hands inked in henna remains the forbidden fruit. Sigh, enjoying the lovely street decorations and the mini-fashion week of every house can only be done virtually.

2. O for Organising your thaali with sanitisers and masks

The real sculptures on the thaali assuming a god complex are sanitisers and masks which shouldn’t be abandoned for even a second. The fun and frolic of meeting relatives and friends and their relatives and friends was unbeatable. However, COVID has ruined all the social networking plans mercilessly. So, if there is a gathering at your house with a limited number of people, ensure that you generously distribute masks and sanitisers. The real prasad this year is the bottle of sanitiser. Don’t forget!

3. V for Virtual Celebration

Those who are far from home and planned to visit back for a balmy and cozy time with family and are smart enough not to risk interstate and intrastate movement will get the codependent relationship they have with google meet and zoom. The faces of loved ones can only be kissed through screens. The sheer warmth of good wishes can only be gauged through excited voices. The pandemic has definitely distanced us from our loved ones a little. Though the virtual connections are maintained, the intimacy and snug of families and loved ones is heartbreakingly missed.

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4. I for I love you so I must maintain a distance of 3 feet

Septuagenarian and people with chronic illnesses are specifically under fatal threat due to this pandemic. It is our moral duty to uphold the principle of social distancing at all times. Those with diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, or cardiac diseases are at high risk. So, no bear hugs or heartfelt handshakes this festive season. We can’t realise intimacy or affection which reduces

5.D for Diwali is the national crush of festivals but is it also breaking our heart in 2020?

Ask a child of 7 or an uncle of 67, the answer remains the same every year. The magnitude of Diwali’s celebrations is massive. It feels that the whole nation is in a group hug when the light of diyas shines bright on our faces and the subtle fragrance of almonds and sweets is dancing in every house. Diwali gave us a fresh slate every year. No matter the difficulties, the problems or the chaos. It is our heart-throb.  This year COVID took out the Dil from our Diwali.

Pablo Neruda rightly penned down that you can cut down the flowers but you cannot keep the spring from coming. The year has been a rollercoaster for all of us and has given us countless reasons to lose hope. Subsiding in doubt is easy but we mustn’t forget that the show must go on. This Diwali shall certainly be a little tasteless for us. Hopefully, next year we shall be able to drown ourselves in the colours of the festival without the “buri-nazar” of COVID.

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Akshita Chugh is an Intern with SheThePeopleTV