Choosing The Perfect Bra Size: Drama, Confusion And Dilemma

choosing the perfect bra size
The struggle of having the right bra size can only be understood by the ones who actually wear it because from afar, everything might seem simple but up closer, it is much more complicated and a literal jab in the chest.

Getting the perfect type of bra for yourself is a harder task than it may seem to non-bra wearers. It’s not just about the right size but comfort, shape, lift and a lot more factors that, if considered properly, will make your bosom look great in any cloth you wear. Every woman will relate to the struggle that they go through when it comes to bras. First of all, it is really hard to choose among the wide variety of bras that are present in the market. Padded, non-padded, seamless, sports, full-coverage, bralette and strapless, these choices make it hard to decide and sometimes you just feel like buying one of each type and trying how that feels. But that is not a very economic decision.

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Choosing The Perfect Bra Size

A user on Reddit asked, “Help me finding a comfortable bra to solve back pain”. The user explained how her friend who has big breasts cannot find a comfortable bra and believes that this is the reason behind her back pain. She wrote that because of discomfort her friend does not wear a bra but she thinks that there will be a specific bra for her that will be comfortable and serve the purpose. A person in the comments wrote, “She should go to a store that specialises in large breasts and get fitted properly. If they really are that large, they could be contributing to back pain.” Though the suggestion is a good one, it is not always very fruitful.

Women have different body types and may have multiple traits when it comes to breasts and it’s really hard to find the right combination of bra-type that will serve all the purposes.

Not to forget, wearing the wrong bra size or type can even lead to health issues which makes it even more critical to find the perfect bra for yourself. The selection is made worse if you are supposed to buy it at a store because, in India, we often talk about it in a hushed tone as if it’s a nuclear secret. Not to mention, the judgement you receive from fellow customers when you are choosy about the colour or shape is dreadful. And there’s the male gaze too which is somehow stuck at the bra store in the corner of the lane.

Sometimes, it feels like you need to have a stylist just to analyse your breasts thoroughly, take measurements when you are doing various activities, examine the type of clothes that you usually wear and also take into consideration your personal life and invent, if not find, the perfect bra for your breasts that is comfortable, good-looking, gives you the right shape and fits like a bra for once. However, if there were a stylist like that, they would charge a hefty amount for their services which will make you contemplate not marrying a rich guy or becoming a sugar baby. Just kidding. What I am trying to imply is that it is a complicated relationship with bras, for you can’t love them. But you can’t live without them.

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