“Mard Aurat Ka Bhagwan Hota Hai” And Other Sexist Dialogues From Hindi Films

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Bollywood sexist dialogues: Over the years, Indian cinema has glossed over misogyny and normalised the objectification of women through romance and happy endings. Many Indian films have consistently shown that consent is just a myth and even if women say “no”, it’ll just turn into a “yes” later on.

India is a country where crimes and violence against women are always high. Catcalls, domestic abuse, rape, and other kinds of violence are also directed particularly towards women. While this is the case, the movies and series our entertainment industry produce continue to show that abusing or objectifying a woman goes hand in hand with “love”.

Check out some of the ‘popular’ Bollywood sexist dialogues

Ek hath mein girlfriend, ek hath mein trophy – Student Of The Year 2 (2019)

Bollywood continues to carry forward its tradition of describing women as objects. The comparison of a woman to a trophy makes her secondary, disposable, and also insignificant, especially in the long term. But a statement like this almost does not surprise us anymore, right?

Budhi ho ya jawan, melodrama is duniya ki sari auraton ke khoon me hai- 2 states (2014)

When a man reacts to anything, he’s expressing himself. When a woman reacts the same way, she’s being called melodramatic or excessive. We guess being dramatic can be attached to women just like how patriarchy, sexism, and misogyny are attached to the minds of men.

Pyar se de rahe hai, rakh lo, varna thappad maarke bhi de sakte hai- Dabbang (2010)

While Dabbang was a massive hit, it also had a lot of misses, leading with this line. The storyline is pretty mainstream, especially in Bollywood. The male lead character falls in love with a woman and he wants her to take his money for the pots he broke. Pretty decent so far.

But the controversy arises when the woman refuses to take his money. This dialogue then comes up after his money gets rejected. Male privilege is so high up there that a woman can’t even reject any man’s offering without being showered with the “thappad” word.

Tu haan kar yah naa kar, tu hain meri Kiran- Jaadu Teri Nazar

A special mention to a Bollywood song Jaadu Teri Nazar from the movie Darr. Bollywood can’t get over its lack of knowledge on consent. When a man’s blood boils up, he’s just expected to act on it without facing any further consequences.

Woh meri bandi hai- Kabir Singh (2019)

While Kabir Singh looks like a hero to most men, women don’t particularly think so. His problematic behavioural issues paired with his toxic masculinity gave us a different view of the film as a whole.

A quick reminder that this statement was made by the male lead before he had even spoken to his so-called “prisoner”. Referring to a woman he claims to be in love with like this is the courage that men have gained to speak from a pedestal of entitlement over the years.

Akeli ladki khuli hui tijori ki tarah hoti hain – Jab We Met (2007)

Bollywood continues its objectification of women and by this point, we’re almost not surprised anymore. We also had to hear this line from a woman because what’s better than showing that women think of themselves the same way some men do?

Female actors over the years have put themselves down as they have been conforming to the norms and standards set by men in the entertainment industry.

Marriage se pehle ladkiyan sex object hoti hain or marriage ke bad they object to sex- Kambakhht Ishq (2009)

We live in a country where men are entitled enough to even think of writing scripts that contain sentences like this. People who believe statements like this are exactly the kind of people who need to receive the “thappad” stated earlier.

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At least main un stupid ladkiyoon ki tarah nahi hoon jinke peeche tum bhagte rehete ho- Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998)

The sexist and misogynistic notion that women only dress up for men and how weaning makeup makes you less of an intellectual is shown here. But if what Anjali is saying in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is true, does it mean she becomes less efficient and less intellectual in the second half of the film?

When will Bollywood and men in general ever realise that wearing makeup does not mean making up for a lack of intellect? Portraying ideas of “I’m not like other girls because I don’t wear makeup” is simply a typical “pick me” behaviour.

Tu ladki ke peeche bhagega, ladki paise ke peeche bhagegi. Tu paise ke piche bhagega, ladki tere peeche bhagegi- Wanted (2009)

The classic money-obsessed and gold-digging portrayal of women. What filmmakers and scriptwriters from Bollywood need to know today is that women are also hard-working, financially independent, and intelligent beings.

Aurat ke ek nahi teen janam hote hain. Pehla jab wo kisi ki beti bankar is duniya me aati hai. Dusra jab wo patni banti hai. Aur teesra jab wo ma banti hai- Chori Chori Chupke Chupke (2001)

According to sexism, women are entitled to only be daughters, wives, and mothers and there is no space for ‘you’. The everything-in-betweens are completely regarded as useless things. But marriage, as well as motherhood, is a complete choice. Our entire existence certainly does not depend on these three things.

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