Sonam Kapoor spills the beans on ‘sexist’ Bollywood

Sonam Kapoor

She doesn’t turn heads just for her eye-catching style and fashion sense, but her opinions too. Yes, Sonam Kapoor is one actress who could arguably be one of the women in Bollywood to change trends.

In her recent interview with Anupama Chopra for the YouTube channel Film Companion, Sonam Kapoor burst the Bollywood bubble and revealed the hard truth around sexism. She said, “There is a lot of sexism in the society, which is disgusting.” (TOI)

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Having acted in some hit movies in the last two years, Sonam still has to struggle with the pay gap in the industry. You’d think an actress’s work would make up for the difference, but it still is a norm to pay male actors more than to pay the female stars, a trend Sonam condemns.

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She goes on to give an example of the movie “Dishoom” that stars John Abraham and Varun Dhawan, that the money the male actors got is way more than what her and Kareena are getting for their movie Veere di Wedding. Sonam added, “We are making Veere and we are getting an OK budget, but we are not getting what we want. I have to cut my fee, Bebo has to cut her fee to get this film there,” TOI quotes her as saying, adding that the film isn’t as lavish as they imagined.

While Sonam is busy fighting the social atrocities and the wage gap prevalent in Bollywood, that would at least benefit the coming generations, she adds, “I am not here to make money though it would be nice. But I would like my projects to get the money. I am not asking for it.”

Picture Credit: thehansindia.com

Picture Credit: thehansindia.com

The outspoken young actress is also known for her support towards gender equality, general health and well-being of those in need. She has launched an initiative called World’s Largest Lesson India Programme, which is supported by UNICEF and the Global Goals Campaign. The initiative is about aiming to teach every child in India a lesson about the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

But that’s not all. We love her recent piece in Buzzfeed telling it like it is — advising young people to know that everyone has flaws, even Bollywood stars! She writes about knowing what it’s like to have body image issues, and why it’s important for everyone to spread the message that there’s not one narrow definition of beauty (the way we tend to think there is).

Now that’s proper girl power. Keep at it, Sonam!

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