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What Are Bach Flower Remedies? How Can They Help?

Bach Flower Remedies

“For those who are sick, peace of mind and harmony with the Soul is the greatest aid to recovery,” said Dr Edward Bach. The Bach Flower Remedies is a system of 38 Flower Remedies discovered by Dr Edward Bach who was an English doctor, bacteriologist and a homeopath in England more than 80 years ago. These Flower Remedies remove negative emotions by flooding them with the positive energies from flowers. In combination, the 38 Bach Flower Remedies can restore happiness and joy in humans, animals and plants. Simple and powerful, they can heal you emotionally, internally and wholly. Add as drops to whatever you drink and eat or take as pills, it is completely safe and has no side effects or addictive properties.

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These remedies support all treatments with no interference whatsoever in the treatment. In fact the desired effect of any treatment is enhanced and supported beautifully with Bach Flower Remedies, as your emotions are balanced about the treatment or sometimes in spite of it.

Rescue Remedy

Rescue Remedy has been a popular SOS remedy over many years and has been in many homes as the Mother’s aid for any kind of crisis. These remedies are easily available.

“Health depends on being in harmony with our soul. Health is our heritage. Our right. It is a complete and full union between soul, mind and body. Divine health and wellness is not a difficult far-away ideal to attain, but one so easy and natural that many of us have overlooked it,” said Dr Edward Bach.

Dr Bach revealed some significant truths about health and the remedies.

“The real causes of disease are such as: Fear, Ignorance, Grief, Impatience, Terror, Doubt. These if we allow them, will reflect themselves in the body causing what we call disease. Not understanding the real causes, we have attributed disharmony to external influences, germs, cold, heat and given names to the results, arthritis, cancer, asthma etc., thinking that disease begins in the physical body. But the grounds for these germs are prepared in the fertile ground of your mind. If you let them.”

Seven main causes of emotional imbalance. All negative feelings stem from these.

These are loneliness, over-concern for the welfare of others, insufficient interest in present circumstances, over-sensitivity to influences and ideas of others, uncertainty, fear, and despondency or despair.

The world today has made it very clear that physical health is wholly reliant upon immunity. And immunity cannot be maintained if the emotional and mental energy fields are imbalanced or dysfunctional.

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Helpful during Social Isolation

Also, Social distancing is turning into isolation. People are failing to be their own nurturers. Memories of the past and fear of the future keep us entrapped. Businessmen, professionals, students, mothers, doctors, health care warriors, children, parents, rich, poor – no one is immune to emotional distress.

We are all in the same storm but each of us has our own boat to canoe. And that’s what Bach Remedies help us with – to Thine Own Self be True.

My friend and partner, Ellaeenah and I, started practising and teaching Bach remedies almost 10 years ago, and we are still fascinated with the effect these remedies have on the simplest or the most complicated state of mind and body.

In recent times more and more people are seeking wholistic wellness, and Bach Flower remedy is an effective tool for just that.

In my vision of wellness – just as Dr Edward Bach desired, I hope to reach out with this system of self-awareness and self-healing, so a person never has to come back to me or any other practitioner for healing once they know the power of each Bach Remedy.

This system of Bach Flower is easy to understand we are joyous facilitators, aiming to reach out to many more and give them this tool just as it was given to us. To Empower Self.

Through our experience with clients over the years we conduct workshops which are specific and detailed to meet different needs.

In conclusion pay heed to this quote: “There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind and inner happiness.” -Dr Edward Bach.

Ellaeenah JF is a spiritual mentor and counsellor, Bach Flower Practitioner. Jogita Jagwani is a Bach Flower practitioner, a certified Ho’oponopono practitioner, Angel communicator, tarot card reader, a wellness facilitator.The views expressed are the author’s own and not that of SheThePeople’s.

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