2021 Roundup: Six Cops Who Won Our Hearts on the Internet

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Viral Cop Videos 2021: CCTV footage captured a passenger falling while jumping from a running train and in seconds a person in khaki rushed to pull the passenger away from the gap between the platform and the train compartment. It was indeed a surprise to see this year filled with such amazing COP stories. We pick the viral ones for you.

Lightening speed action and excellent presence of mind, the 2021 viral videos showed cops pull some quick and heartwarming stunts to help the people around them in the best possible way.

Be it Inspector Rajweshwari from Chennai or police constable in Anantpur, the viral videos and pictures came from all corners of the country. Here is a list of eight cops that made our jaw drop in awe in 2021:

1. Kache Beypi

Constable Kache Beypi took care of the baby of a candidate for the Teacher Eligibility Test at Bokajan HS School Centre on October 31 this year. The picture of her standing with the baby in hand was posted by the Assam MLA Numal Momin and in no time the netizens noticed the picture and it trended on the internet. Even the Assam Police had shared this picture and wrote, “Mother is a verb. It’s something you do, not just who you are! Assam Police personnel in Darrang district taking care of the lil’ ones, while their mothers write the TET exams.”

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2. Inspector Rajeshwari

Without hesitating, Rajeshwari rolled her khaki pants, waded through knee-deep water and helped in moving a fallen tree. Not just that a video showing her picking an unconscious man and carrying him on her shoulders went viral. This was at a time when the rain would not stop in Chennai and areas had been given alert on the flooding situation. She did not wait and ran towards an autorickshaw to help the man get to the hospital in time. Rajeshwari is with TP Chatram Police Station and the incident took place at Kilpauk area in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

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Image Credit: Twitter

3. Apeksha Nimbadia

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Apeksha Nimbadia graduated from Dr Bheemrao Ambedkar Police Academy at Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh. A picture from the ceremony went viral. She saluted her father who is the Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) with the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP). This proud moment between the two at the passing out parade went viral after Himveer Wives Welfare Association of ITBP shared it on Twitter.

cop daughter saluting father, apeksha nimbadia


4. Shilpa Sahu

In a viral video, a cop was seen standing on the streets of Dantewada in Bastar, Chhattisgarh, with a lathi in her hand and mouth covered with a mask. The person in the video is DSP Shilpa Sahu who was five months pregnant at the time. With increasing coronavirus cases, the lockdown was imposed and the DSP was surveilling the streets to ensure that the protocols are maintained. After it went viral on social media, DM Awasthi, the Director-General of Police in Chhattisgarh wrote on Twitter, “She is working even at this stage…She has done outstanding work in Naxal operations too…My heartiest appreciation for her. She is an asset of Chhattishgarh police!”

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5. Maruti Prasad

In a heart-warming video, the cop is seen helping a destitute woman in Andhra Pradesh. A constable at Gooty police station in Anantapur district, Maruti Prasad was passing by the highway when he saw a woman on the roadside shivering in cold weather. He handed over his winter jacket to her while also giving her some cash. Later, he shifted her to a nearby shelter home.

6. Sapna Golkar

Not once but twice, Sapna Golkar saved the lives of local train commuters in two different incidents. In a 52 seconds long video clip from the Byculla Railway Station, she is seen hurriedly running towards a 40-year-old woman who had slipped and fallen from one of the running local trains. Constable Sapna Golkar’s presence of mind and swiftness in action awe the netizens who applauded Golkar. This was captured in CCTV footage.

constable sapna golkar viral video

Sapna Golkar