Chennai’s Institute of Mental Health (IMH) Employs Two Transgender Persons

Manisha will  now be working as a telephone operator whereas Vaishnavi will work in the housekeeping department at IMH.

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Transgender People
Chennai IMH Employs Trans Persons: In a bid to empower people from the transgender community, Chennai’s Institute of Mental Health (IMH) has decided to employ two transgender persons on a contractual basis.

It was IMH director Poorna Chandrika's regular interaction with the transgenders persons that made her realise how unfair the society is to them as despite qualifications, they are not allowed to get into professions of their choice. They are compelled to go for commercial sex works or have to collect funds from shop to shop to fend for themselves. That's when she decided to employ Manisha and Vaishnavi in IMH, as per sources.

Manisha will now be working as a telephone operator whereas Vaishnavi will work in the housekeeping department at IMH. Both are hopeful that this job will get them a new lease of life and help them gain respect in society.

It is heartening to see people from the transgender community get their rightful place in the society. For instance, a transgender clinic set up in Hyderabad was inaugurated last week. Sushant Divgikar, the Reality TV star, shared the proud moment through an Instagram post. He said that he was happy to see trans brothers and sisters being of service to humanity”.

“This is proof that we can also be doctors, nurses, medical examiners, resource staff, management staff, counsellors, psychiatrists and work so many other productive jobs just like cis-gendered (Male and female), Heterosexual people,” Sushant wrote.

“I urge everyone to be supportive of one another In these trying times and not judge people based on gender, orientation, sex, expression, religion, caste and other dimensions and characteristics of their being,” he added. Read more about it.


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