Drag Artist Sushant Divgikar Inaugurates Transgender Clinic In Hyderabad

The reality TV star Sushant Divgikar shared the ‘proud moment’ with a lengthy heartfelt note.

Priya Hazra
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Sushant Divgikar ,Transgender clinic inaugurated by Sushant Divgikr
A Transgender clinic set up in Hyderabad was inaugurated on Wednesday. Bringing up the curtain on the initiative funded and supported by John Hopkins University, Sushant Divgikar, announced the news.

In an Instagram post, the reality TV star shared the ‘proud moment’ with a long heartfelt note. Along with a picture featuring Transgender doctors, counsellors, psychologists, community outreach workers and heterosexual allies, Divgikar wrote, “Here’s presenting the FIRST EVER TRANSGENDER CLINIC in India funded and supported by @johnshopkinsu in HYDERABAD”.

The former Mr Gay pageant winner, who has been chosen as the Goodwill Ambassador of the clinic asserted in the social media post, that he is happy to see his “trans brothers and sisters being of service to humanity”.

“This is proof that we can also be doctors, nurses, medical examiners, resource staff, management staff, counsellors, psychiatrists and work so many other productive jobs just like cis-gendered (Male and female), Heterosexual people,” Sushant wrote.

“I urge everyone to be supportive of one another In these trying times and not judge people based on gender, orientation, sex, expression, religion, caste and other dimensions and characteristics of their being,” he added.

While concluding his post, drag artist urged people to be kinder to the LGBTQIA+ community asserting the fact that they are “as human as anyone else”.

As per Telangana Today, the first two transgender clinics in the country were established in Hyderabad as part of the Union government’s plans. According to the plan, the exclusive transgender clinics in different metro cities are established as mandated in the Transgender Persons Act, 2019.

Transgender Clinic Sushant Divgikar